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Ron Dennis CBE (* 1. June 1947 in Woking, Great Britain) be the team head the formula 1-Teams McLaren Mercedes.

Ron Dennis began its engine haven career as a mechanic in the year 1966 with Cooper Racing Car. Later it changed to the Brabham Rennteam and became a 1968 chief mechanic von Sir Jack Brabham. it created 1971 together with Neil Trundle (at that time likewise employed with the Brabham Rennteam) the racing company Rondel Racing. The starting capital amounted to only some Pound, however Ron could win the businessman and running fan Tony Vlassopoulo, as well as its friend Ken rough by relations as investors. During the oil crisis 1974 Vlassopoulo and Ken entered together under the name token (Tony and Ken) into the formula 1 and separated from Rondel Racing. Also Ron and its partner separated, Rondel Racing were dissolved.

Into the 70ern it led successful teams in the Formel-2 and the Procar championship.

1980 developed for McLaren international (in the meantime McLaren Racing) from a union between Ron Dennis"ยด Project Four and the McLaren limit OD team. Since 1980 McLaren Racing could sieves world champion titles in the technical designer valuation and nine in the driver valuation ergattern.

In addition Ron Dennis was joint founder of the McLaren Cars in the year 1989. McLaren Cars produced a revolutionary F1-Strassensportwagen and together with Daimler Chrysler the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren sports car developed, which was presented 2003.

1995 began the partnership between McLaren and Mercedes Benz, of whose developing Ron Dennis had a relevant portion. On the past high point Mika could win 1998 and 1999 the driver world championship for the GermanBritish alliance, 1998 got the team besides the technical designer cup. Since 1997 the cars start again as silver arrows in the formula 1. Here David Coulthard could equal a first running modern formula 1 of a silver arrow in Melbourne win.

Ron lives with its wife and the three children in Surrey, Great Britain.

it received 2004 for its earnings/services order OF the British Empire "and 2001 the gold medal of the British running driver club BRDC in the engine haven the medal "COMM other OF. In addition Ron became De Montford University (1996), to which town center University London (1997) and the University OF Surrey (2000) lent.

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