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Romeo is an intelligence expression for an agent, who ties a dear relationship with a female goal person with the purpose of the recruitment.

In particular the head office clearing-up of the Ministry for public security availed itself with the espionage against the Federal Republic frequently of this method. Preferential goal persons were here always woman employees in security authorities or Federal Ministries.

The substantial problems, which brought a procedure according to the Rome EO method inevitably for the goal person (and occasionally for the assigned agent) with itself, assumed usually during "the disconnection "or the following prosecution of in this way enlisted agent inside dramatic consequences: They lost not only the alleged married man or life companion, but saw themselves also still to the Verachtung of their client suspended. Because of the iurisdiction of the Federal Constitutional Court for GDR inhabitants because of espionage in the Federal Republic, which led to an amnesty for this circle of acquaintances, they met their former life partners after the German reunification as (even criminally did not trouble) prosecution witnesses in the criminal procedures led against it again.


  • Elizabeth Pfister: Enterprise Romeo. The dear commands the state security service, Berlin 2000, ISBN 3-7466-7033-0

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