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Rolf Dautzenberg (* 6 February 1945 in Moenchengladbach; "† 21 July 2005 in meals) was a German Trabrennsportler. Dautzenberg obtained in its career over 5.000 victories and was beside Heinz Wewering the probably most formed drivers of the present.


The learned electrician Rolf Dautzenberg was one the most successful and most popular German Trabrennsportler. In its long career it went 18,861 times to the start, won thereby 5,318 times and reached 6,642 placements. Its largest successes celebrated he as an European champion 1976 as well as 1995 with spades king and 1996 with general November as a winner of the Derbys in Berlin. It was 1975 and 1976 the last professional driver champion in Germany before until today continuous Wewering era. From it driven and cared for horses ran in at that time nearly 53 Mill. Marks. Because of its driving arts in the Sulky the pointed name "atomic Rolf" was lent to it.

After the end of its career 2001 it had strong health problems - since its birth he suffered from a gene defect, by which the alveoli were constantly reduced - in the past years and could occasionally only in the wheelchair move itself. Dautzenberg died in the clinical center meal at the consequences of a Lungentransplantation, to which he had undergone on 7 June 2005.

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