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Richard Steele (* March 1672 in Dublin; "† 1 September 1729 in Carmarthen) was an Irish writer. He worked also under the alias Isaac Bickerstaff.

Steele visited the Charterhouse School, where he made the acquaintance Addisons. It completed its further training in Oxford at the Merton college. Subsequently, it joined the British army, where it served with the Life Guards as Kavallerist. Its dislike against the soldier life led to its first work The Christian Hero (1701), in which it argued with different man roles in the society.

It had first literary successes as a dramatist with comedies such as The tender Husband (1703). it received a position to 1706 as part of the yard state from queen Anne and her man George from Denmark. A further promoter was the count von Oxford, Robert Harley.

1709 created Steele the magazine The Tatler, which had to be adjusted however after two years again. With this project Addison was a regular coworker. After the end of the Tatler the two created the The Spectator. 1713 became Steele, which belonged to the party of the Whigs member of the House of Commons from which he was however soon thereafter excluded, since he had published a lampoon, in which he for the succession house Hanover occurred. When in the following year of the Hannoveraner George I. mounted the throne, Steele was ennobled and appointed the director/conductor of the Drury Lane Theatre in London. After a controversy with Addison and Querelen with the government he withdrew himself to Wales, where he spent the remainder of his life.

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