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Richard Oetker (* 1952) is a German entrepreneur and son of the entrepreneur Rudolf August Oetker. Richard Oetker is a chairman of the association white ring, which uses itself for victims of crimes.


The family Oetker end of the seventies made supraregional headlines, after Oetker descendant Richard Oetker was kidnapped and to 21.000.000 DM at ransom was paid. The case Richard Oetker is consulted and compared today still with taking of hostagestaking of hostages takings of hostages.

Act course of events

On 14 December 1976 against 18:45 clock entered the student at that time Richard Oetker, member of the family Oetker, to which the large Oetker company belongs, the parking lot of the University of Weihenstephan in freesings. It was already expected and kidnapped by several persons around the kidnapper Dieter Zlof. Richard Oetker was kept imprisoned in a close wooden box, which was inside a delivery van. The wooden box was besides with an electric circuit connected. Richard Oetker was met on the inside by a heavy current impact, at which he would have died nearly and at its consequences he until today suffers; it remained unclear whether this current impact was to due to an accident or to the intention (prevention of escape attempts) of the kidnapper. Richard Oetker suffered repeated eddy as well as a double basin break.

Shortly thereafter for it up to then a record ransom was handed over von Richard Oetkers brother by 21 million DM August Oetker in the basement residents of Munich of the Stachus to the kidnapper, whereby Richard Oetker came freely.

Act sequences

After the release of Richard Oetker began an unparalleled search campaign of the Kriminalpolizei. After two years Dieter Zlof was arrested as an author. He denied first the act, but during an indication process he was condemned 1980 to 15 years detention; later it confessed the act in a book publication.

A part of the ransom of 21 million DM (approximately 10.7 million euro) was guaranteed, the remainder is to have been rotted and burned afterwards. 20 years later, briefly before introduction of the euro, in London again the attempt was undertaken to redeem a part of the ransom. The 1000-DM-Scheine was registered however everything after its cash note numbers, so that this attempt, as also preceding failed to redeem cash notes from the Oetker kidnapping.

Richard Oetker, which could enter the court room with the process only on sprags, is go-handicapped until today; it can go only short distances and not stand long.


After the process Richard Oetker withdrew itself from the public and refused to at the beginning of of 2006 speaking publicly about its kidnapping or pulling for instance in form of a book profit from it. Only in March 2006 it broke its silence and gave star TV an interview over the events.

The case was converted 2000 to a television two-divisor. The film script to the dance with the devil - which became kidnapping of the Richard Oetker with Oetkers agreement used; 2002 were distinguished the work of the cameraman with the German camera price (category television).


  • Nicole Amelung: The Oetker kidnapping, Neuss 1997 (2), ISBN 3-9805045-5-7

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