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Resounding ash traffic-say
Freiimfelder STR. resounds to 74 "• 06112 (Saale)
0.0% owner XY
Characteristic data
Contact contacts
approx. 58 millions/year
60 buses
223 streetcars
9 junctions
approx. xx0 bus stops
approx. xx0 course stops
Railway tracks
177,3km track length passably
84,4km route distance streetcar
1000mm track width
295,6km route distance bus

The resounding ash traffic-say (HAVAG) is the suburban traffic enterprise of the city resounds (Saale) and served beside it also several hall circle municipalities as well as Schkopau, Merseburg, Leuna and bath dry mountain in the district Merseburg Querfurt with streetcars and penalties.

The HAVAG is Gesellschafterin of the Central German traffic group (MDV).

The enterprise

Based on 16 June 1990 the HAVAG as a right successor of the VE of transporting enterprises resounds.

It maintains at present 15 streetcar and 24 Buslinien. Of it three Buslinien are used only in pupil traffic, a strassenbahnlinie only in the late and three Buslinien only in night traffic.

The streetcars drive into meter pure (1000 mm).

The HAVAG uses joint, standard city and minibuses.


  • Coworker - approx. 1,000
  • Streetcar
    • Operating yards - 3
      • B1 - Freiimfelder road
      • B2 - Seebener road
      • B3 - Rose garden
      • B4 - Operating yard Merseburg (2003 closed)
    • Wendeschleifen - 16
      • of it outside of resounds - to 3
      • used of it in the regular transport service as final stops - 14
    • Head final stops (without only temporarily used track crosses) - 2
      • of it outside of resounds - 1
    • Number of lines - 13
    • Tatra T4D
    • Tatra B4D
    • T4D-C - 82 Stk.
    • B4D-C - 41 Stk.
    • DUEWAG/Siemens MGT6D - 62 Stk.
    • Bombard MGT-K - 30 Stk.
  • Bus
    • Number of lines - 25

Supply area

  • City resounds (Saale)
  • District hall circle
    • Kabelsketal - local part this-chew
    • Read-chew
    • Morl - local part Franzigmark
    • Peissen
    • Zscherben
  • District Merseburg Querfurt
    • Schkopau - local parts Schkopau and
    • Merseburg
    • Leuna
    • Bath dry mountain


  • Streetcar resounding new city - main station

In two main sections one is built from 1998 to 2006 approx. 8 km long route and the road courses, which are affected by the route, modernized and transformed.

The first main section plans the building of distances of the "course cross" over the road "to the Magistrale "up to the "donkey mill", of where from the route leads to a Wendeschleife at the west end of resounding new city and to a head final stop.

The second main section plans the building of distances of the "one fields road" to the "Glauchaer place", "Franckeplatz" and "rubbing hitting a corner place". Emphasis of the second main section is apart from the development of the range Franckeplatz/Glauchaer place the transformation rubbing hitting a corner place', with which also at the main station new stops are established.

Altogether 15 stop ranges new and/or developed and partly than points of transfer streetcar/bus arranged.

  • Gap conclusion heath -

2007 are built one for approx. 1.5 km long, single-railed route in the "fire mountain way", which interconnects the Wendeschleifen "heath" and On the distance a stop is to be served.

The Wendeschleife is transformed in preparation on the gap conclusion and received beside common plants from streetcar, bus and taxi a Park&Ride and a Bike&Ride place.

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