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The residence obligation after the German asylum proceeding law is to be left a regulation, which forbids it to humans, the district assigned in each case. Crossing the district border (a victimless criminal offence) threatens the German state with an imprisonment up to one year. Legal bases for the residence obligation are "§ 56 and "§ 85 exp. 2 of the asylum proceeding law, it are into diesere regard a special law, since it applies only to asylum-seekers, other classes of humans however more freely to move may. The protest and resistance against the residence obligation is therefore for a long time an activity emphasis of refugee self organizations, like "The Voice Refugee forum", in Germany, from which two members before the European Court of Justice for human rights, concerned by the residence obligation, complain at present against the law.

Already in the year 1938 during the Nazi period similar regulations (this time concerning all foreigners) in the foreigner police regulation from 22 August 1938 (realm law gazette, part of I, 25 August 1938, No. 132, page 1055) were issued.

The residence obligation is unique in the European Union and existed only in Germany. Similar restrictions existed also otherwise only at certain times in certain countries, thus during the apartheid in South Africa. However the Federal Government is anxious to introduce the residence obligation European Union far.

Since crossing the district border is ranked as victimless criminal offence among the criminality statistics, already therefore this statistics between German citizens and asylum-seekers is no longer comparable. For the same actions of Federal citizens and asylum-seekers a latter substantially higher criminality rate one attributes than first. Opposite Federal citizens increased criminality rates of asylum-seekers will in the political discourse as argument related to up-succumb specifically to asylum-seekers and other strangers further restrictions.

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