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By release one understands a permission and/or a act of administration for the use of a thing or for the execution of a project. Frequently a release concerns computer programs, air lanes, documents or buildings:

  1. Release ("release") of the new version of a program for the general use. Release gives the manufacturing firm after sufficient tests (S.A. beta version).
  2. Release of a file in a local network, which permits the access to the file to other users.
  3. Release ("Clearance (aviation)") of a flight plan in aviation - the distribution of permission is called for accomplishing a flight specified first. During the flight possibly also certain flight maneuvers of a separate release require. For this count among other things the takeoff from an airport (start release), a flying through of certain air spaces (for example military air spaces, protected areas or air spaces with high traffic volume - like airports) as well as the landing on an airport (landing release). The individual releases in aviation are given by the air traffic control.
  4. Dismissal from the area of application of the radiation protection regulation. This act of administration concerns radioactive substances, buildings, floor spaces, plants or components, which are contaminated with radioactive substances activated or. Behind it is a legal fiction. The material is now treated in such a way, as if it is no longer radioactive, which it is however still in the physical sense.
  5. In the pressure and publishing house industry a release (or to pressure-free gift, see also imprimatur) designates permission for the sentence or pressure. The term refers to a manuscript, a file, a sentence flag o.

Under 3. release mentioned it is bound columns 5-10a of the radiation protection regulation to falling below in plant III the limit values specified and/or the proof that from the dismissal of the material into the economic circulation no radiation dose for an individual over 10 results Additionally the resulting collective dose may not exceed the value of 1 manSv/a.

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