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Regulating transformers are transformers, whose output voltage is adjustable. That by a Schleifer (graphite pin or - rolls) is reached, that on the for this purpose opened turns runs (motorized by hand or) and in this way a variable number of turns and/or tapping herstellt.<p> adjustment knows even with larger stages by means of change over switches at led out tappings erfolgen.<p>Stelltransformatoren to become from small tensions in high-voltage transmission systems and for extra-high tension transformation, e.g. from 220 kV to 380 kV, assigned, to place behind around the mains voltage or a desired output voltage more used one small savings regulating transformers for the adjustment of the often strongly varying mains voltage to tube devices. With these the Schleifer ran at the input side and the exit was angeschlossen.<p>In electric locomotives firmly used one before introduction from power semiconductors a combination of a large regulating transformer (main transformer) with large tension stages and a smaller with fine staggering (Klettertrafo). The smaller serves here the stepless bypass of the stages of the large Trafos. Thus gentle starting is gegeben.<p>In power regulators of larger achievement engine-claimant regulating transformers is used, with which distortion-free line voltage changes balanced to become to be able. Often thereby the output voltage of the regulating transformer taken between Schleifer and a central tapping is given on a further transformer: this transformed at expense of the range of control the river up and is positioned secondary in series to the regulated Ausgang.<p>

Regulating transformers are usually implemented as autotransformers - with these no galvanic separation between in and output voltage (savings regulating transformer) exists.

For laboratory purposes against it a regulating transformer with safe wetting running is useful - a so-called separation regulating transformer. So designated devices contain either two transformers (a Trenntrafo and a save Stelltrafo) or a regulating transformer with separate primary coil is used.

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