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Under the name registered parcel is possible an insured world-wide dispatch from goods to a value of 25.000 euro. In case of a transport damage, the loss of the package or theft the indicated commodity value is disbursed.

The package must be tied and all crossovers of the package cord be sealed. In addition special sealing wax is warmed up, dripped to the junction and coined/shaped the lacquer with the help of a special seal temple. The relief sample developing thereby must be intact and remain it also up to the arrival of the package with the

For the dispatch with the German post office (DHL) gelt the following maxima, which no if be exceeded may:

  • maximum dimensions: Length 120 cm, width 60 cm, height of 60 cm
  • maximum weight: 20 kg

For larger or heavier packages must be avoided to other offerers.

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