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The Regiobahn GmbH is a suburban traffic enterprise of the cities Duesseldorf, Kaarst, Neuss and Wuppertal as well as the circles Neuss and Mettmann. The enterprise was created on 8 August 1992 and is member in the traffic group Rhine Ruhr. The Regiobahn belong the railroad lines Kaarst - Neuss (west branch) and Duesseldorf Gerresheim - to Wuppertal Vohwinkel (east branch).


On 1 January 1998 the Regiobahn GmbH took over the infrastructures of the west and east branch of the German BahnG. Starting from 24 September 1998 the repair works on the west branch were accomplished by the Regiobahn operated distance. To 13. March 1999 was put the foundation-stone for the service station in Mettmann and inaugurated these in September 1999. On 26 September 1999 the enterprise on the distance between Mettmann and Kaarst was then taken up first in the hour clock and starting from that 28. May 2000 changed over to the 20-minutes pulse.


The Regiobahn serves rapid-transit railway-strains S28 von Mettmann over Erkrath, Duesseldorf, Neuss after Kaarst. Altogether the distance of the S28 has a length of 34 km. 18 km of this distance are in the property of the Regiobahn. Additionally further 3.7 km are toward Wuppertal in the possession of the society. On this section at present only goods traffic is operated, an extension of the rapid-transit railway to Wuppertal Vohwinkel is however planned.

In addition in the summer 2005 a new drawing was decided: The old distance is left with Wuppertal Hahnenfurth and is to contrive itself with Wuppertal Dornap into the route of the prince William railway. A new critical point will briefly tie up the of the same name local part before contriving.

Also the extension of the distance in western direction was examined. First a routing was planned by Kaarst over wanting I INCLINED COURSe and - Neersen according to Viersen. Since the circle Viersen excluded however a financial participation in the distance, one decided, the distance over inclined course to lead Neersen to Moenchengladbach. Also the airport Moenchengladbach should be originally tied up. The realization of the extension is however uncertain due to the unsettled financing extremely.

The implementing of planning (conditions 2005) for a ring course ("Circle LINE") is just as uncertain including the shut down Niederbergbahn and a Rhine crossing which can be built again. The ring course is to tie up the niederbergischen cities Velbert, holy house and Ratingen, as well as the airport. In Neuss the ring is to be closed.

The enterprise of the distance the Regiobahn assigned the Rheinisch Bergi railway (RBE), a subsidiary of the private course enterprise Connex.


On the S28 talent motor coaches are used. The course equipped with two diesel engines reaches a maximum speed of 100 km/h and needs for the distance with 18 critical points 51 Minuten.Die originally eight motor coaches of this type 2003 around four further motor coaches was supplemented, since the passenger capacity in the peak hours practice-met expectations substantially.

Passenger numbers

YearPassengers per dayPrognosis (1992)

Source: RegioBahn GmbH

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