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A refugee camp is a camp, in which refugees are accommodated. The inhabitants of the refugee camps fled before political pursuit, wars or civil wars, driving out, in addition, before environmental and hunger disasters.

In Germany and other countries of Europe there were camps for refugees and refugees from the German east areas after the Second World War, for survivors Jew and other one. These camps served a permission to take up residence and an integration as passage stations before the far journey into other countries or before the distribution into the new homeland. There were also youth refugee camps, in which juvenile SBZ/DDR refugees admission found, which had not completed the 21.Lebensjahr yet.

The today's accommodation of refugees in refugee camps ("Erstaufnahmeeinrichtungen so mentioned", "community accommodations", "departure mechanisms") is part of the "contribution of equipment principle" of the asylum-seeker achievement law of the German Federal Republic.

Refugee camp in Germany

  • Border passage/emergency photograph camp Friedland
since 1945
  • Central refugee transit camp pouring
starting from 1.September of 1950 emergency photograph camps
starting from 1986 federal emergency photograph camps
today center admissions office of the country Hessen
  • Refugee transit camp Uelzen Bohldamm
at the 1963 closed
  • Emergency photograph camp Marienfelde in Berlin Marienfelde
1953 - 1989
  • Central admissions office Zirndorf
since 7.Dezember 1955
  • Central admissions office half

Refugee camp abroad

Refugee camps play also in the European refugee politics an important role: Particularly at the edges of Europe "catching" or pushing away camps is established.

Also some Palestinian cities or parts of Palestinian cities are falsely called refugee camps. With these so-called refugee camps it acts however not around provisional dwellings, but around durable settlements with developed infrastructure, which do not differentiate between themselves of other Palestinian places. Among these places rank among other things:

  • Nabatiye south Lebanon
  • Dschenin
  • Rafah


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