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Refuge being gel (* 6 October 1933 in basket oh) is a German writer, poet, a commercial artist and a publisher.


It studied painting and sculpture after a bookseller exam. Since 1954 it lives as free writers in Frankfurt. Refuge being gel drew up from 1957 and since 1964 to 1969 edited it as a publisher "the controversy magazine ".

it created 1965 Frankfurt forums for literature. The suit-cases Felix Lumpach after texts by refuge being gel was filmed by the director Gerd Winkler and on 13 October 1966 in Berlin with the leading actor Hanns Dieter It published several Lyrik and Prosaanthologien. Refuge being gel was takes part in the organization and meeting of numerous international author meetings. Since 1974 he is a chairman of the federation of German writers (VS). From 1983 to 1985 he was an city clerk in open brook. 1984 received refuge being gel the William Leuschner medal of the country Hessen.

Refuge being gel writes mostly knappe, casual and surprising poems and stories, who by joke, irony, punchline and and Vertracktheit are coined/shaped. Topics are the city, the love, nature, the policy and the society.

The political lyric poetry resembles songs, which express the grotesque and paradoxes unverschleiert. The writer Karl Krolow called its poems on the instant and for the instant written, nevertheless remains being work up-to-date.

Its linguistically limited laconic remarks are contractions and have the task against conventional thought patterns to revolt and it thereby disillusion.

Refuge being gel lives and works in Frankfurt/Main.


  • See refuge being gel, song for cement, Suhrkamp paperback, 1975, P. 2 and S.83 87
  • See refuge being gel, Mr. Sylvester, dtv, 1967, P. 122 - 127


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  • 2001 Lyrikpreis of the conceptions of the world Kosmopolitania of the bridge in Saarbruecken

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