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A reference number system is the regulation of the systematic order of the entire record (the documents) of an administration, an enterprise or an other organization.

A goal of the reference number system is the clear, comprehensible and economic order of the record.

The reference number system is part of the registration department order (RegO). However reference number system and registration department order can exist also separately from each other.

Reference number systems in German authorities

The reference number systems of the German federal authorities are usually in:

  • Main groups or Obergruppen (e.g. S for federation and national taxes, P for personnel. H for household)
  • Groups (e.g. S 0 tax code 1977; Tax consulting right)
  • Central's groups (e.g. S 01 introductory regulations; Tax liability right)
  • Sub-groups (e.g. S 010 range of application)

partitioned. The file references resulting from it usually consist of the Obergruppe and the document number (e.g. S 0100 range of application "ยง 1 AO).


Documents of general importance, e.g. for the regulation of matters of principle, are called general documents, or briefly A-documents. These are usually led separately from the B-documents.


Documents, which are concerned with the regulation of personnel things or individual cases, are called special documents, or briefly B-documents. The B-documents are administered just like the A-documents according to the rules of the valid in each case agendas.

Way putting things

Record, which is not to be kept, with the note "away-put" or "wl" to provide and stored up to the destruction loosely. For pure way putting things no file references will assign.

Registration department

Documents of a file reference are to be usually kept in a place collected. The registration department (or also mode) has to keep the documents usually in binders sorted according to file references. If more than one registration department is concerned with the administration from documents to a file reference in an authority, then the file reference can be extended by the registration department designation (e.g. IN GENERAL 1 - S 0100 = registration department of the Referates IN GENERAL).

Further partitioning

File references can be partitioned, if it orders the clarity, further. e.g. documents can be further partitioned to personnel things of the training for the middle non-technical service P 3142 by the additives S for fiscal administration, Z for customs administration etc.


The documents of a yearly are sequentially nummeriert. The numbers are partly supplemented by the short indication of the year. Each file reference is separately nummeriert.

Place designation of the editor

In order to be able to assign each document to the responsible specialist, its place designation can be noted in the file reference according to distribution of business plan.

Structure of a complete file reference

Example: IN GENERAL 1 - H 1118 D - 17/05 - A 12

IN GENERAL 1 = registration department and/or document, which assigned the file reference
H 11 = list of the budget
H 1118 = credit means; Loan; Subsidies; Loans
D = partitioning brings, here loans closer
17/05 = document number 17 from the year 05 (the numbers for each file reference are sequentially assigned)
with penalty things this would be then BL-A 17/05 (BL = penalty list)
with criminal actions similar to StrL A 17/05 (StrL = criminal record)
A 12 = place designation of the responsible specialist within the authority

Double file reference

If a document concerns two different file references, a double file reference can be assigned (e.g. H 1234/O 4321). In the sense of economy and clarity double file references are to be usually avoided and be assigned only in exceptional cases.

Change of the file reference

If the file reference of a document is changed, for example if from a message from offences a penalty document becomes, then this must be noted in the registration department under the old file reference, so that the coherency of the document guidance is ensured.

Example of a typical course of business

  • an inquiry of a citizen to a thing is received at the authority
  • the post office of the authority arranges the post office entrance on the basis its instructions and passes this on
  • the responsible department manager receives the post office entrances and passes the inquiry on to the specialist responsible for these cases
  • the specialist looks for itself in the reference number system the suitable file reference to the procedure and gives the letter to the registration department for the assignment of the complete file reference
  • the registration department assigns the file reference and notes this in its books, afterwards it returns the letter with the file reference noted on it to the specialist
  • all notes and all correspondence to this case with this file reference one provides and one puts down under this file reference in the document.



Reference number system software (Freeware) with Word collecting mains, to which the own needs can be adapted

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