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The rated voltage of a cell is a suitable, approximate value of the tension for the designation or identification of a cell, a battery or an electro-chemical system [DIN EN 60050-482, "German expenditure of the international electrotechnical dictionary, part of 482 ", July 2004]. The rated voltage of a battery is the product of the number of cells switched into row and the rated voltage of a cell.

The value per cell amounts to:

  • 1.35 V for the mercury oxide zinc cell
  • 1.5 V for the alkali manganese cell
  • 1.5 V for the zinc coal cell
  • 1.5 V for the zinc air cell
  • 1.55 V for the silver oxide zinc cell
  • 1.5 V for the lithium iron sulfide cell
  • 2,9 to 3.6 V for Lithium-Zellen, dependent on the cathode material
  • 1.2 V for the nickel-cadmium cell
  • 1.2 V for the nickel metal hydride cell
  • 2.0 V for the lead dioxide lead cell

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