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The rain valley course AG - the land course is a private railway company in South Germany.


On 28 April 1889 with the "concession for production and to enterprises of a normalspurigen local railway from God cell to Viechtach" the "AG local railway God cell was brought - Viechtach" into being. On 17 July 1889 the first supervisory board meeting took place.

On 10 November 1890 the regular goods traffic became and on 20 November 1890 the constant passenger traffic on the railroad line God cell - Viechtach opens. The society acquired 1903 the granite work Teisnach AG, under it also the quarry which supplies to today crushed stones for the building of distances. 1926 were acquired the stock majority at the "AG of the local railway Deggendorf Metten", one year later took place the fusion and change of name to the "rain valley course AG", in addition the new building of the distance was decided from Viechtach to Blaibach.

1973 united the rain valley course with likewise over eighty-year old "AG the local railway Lam - to Since 1978 those is the time coined/shaped from rationalization and modernization, new motor coaches was purchased and different divisions separated, so 1979 the "rain valley of motor traffic GmbH", 1980 the "granite work GmbH", 1988 the "rain valley of railway company GmbH" and 1989 the "rain valley vehicle workshops GmbH".

Since 1997 the rain valley course operates all distances of the Bavarian forest course

To 1 January 1998 the Vogtlandbahn was separated.

Starting from 2001 those drives forest Munich and Cham - bath - to rain valley railway company GmbH on the distances swan village - Furth in the forest, Cham - Lam under the label name Upper Palatinate course.

In the year 2002 one established the label name "the land course", with which one wants to make clear, which is active one in Tschechien, Saxonia, Thuringia as well as in Bavaria. In December 2003 one started in co-operation with the euro Thurbo GmbH (now: SBB GmbH) the express, briefly "ALEX" between Munich and Colonel village.

To 1 January 2004 the "rain valley course of motor traffic GmbH" was dissolved for economic reasons, the vehicles as well as employees took over the regional bus East Bavaria GmbH.

In the autumn 2004 the stock majority of the Free State of Bavaria was sold by 75,9% to the British transport enterprise Arriva.

By further the portion of the Arriva Germany GmbH at the rain valley course increased until August 2005 to 96,84 per cent.

After it won the advertisement in December 2005, it is driven on starting from the timetable change 2007 the distances Munich - Regensburg - yard and Munich - Regensburg - Furth ith W. Negotiations over an extension of the distances to Leipzig and/or Prague run.

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