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1896 more based and since 1906 in Berlin Wittenau and victories of resident manufacturer of course railroad cars and machines. Abbreviation: WU. Under the name "German weapon and ammunition factory (DWM)" were produced at first excluding war goods. Starting from 1952 one was concerned with the building and the repair of course vehicles.

The WU was bought up 1990 by ABB Henschel. ABB Henschel changed later into the company ADtranz and came up in the Canadian company bombards again later. 1997 were developed the new location in Berlin Pankow.

On operation of the office for trust parts of the WU had abgespalten to become. Successor of the WU is thereby the company Stadler Rail with the location Berlin Pankow. The work belonged in Netphen with victories further too bombard and manufactures rotary stands.


The railroad car union developed and manufactured numerous designs of passenger train cars and trucks, among them the cars of the TUI FerienExpress.

At the citizen of Berlin location in the Mirowstrasse underground vehicles and double-decker penalty for the Federal Constitutional Court were manufactured.

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