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on-line one (RO) is massifs Multiplayer an on-line Roleplaying Game (MMORPG), which originally of Lead designer Kim Hakkyu, working for the Gravity Corp. with seat in South Korea one developed. Due to disputes between it and the later mainfinance Samsung left it however Gravity, including a majority of the developer team and develops at present the MMORPG Granado Espada. Gravity Corp. even meanwhile Group after the completion of the contract with Samsung to the majority in the hand of the soft bank, whatever at the same time nut/mother company for Gung Ho, is, which is operator of jRO.


The background of the play is based on the Manhwa (Korean "Comic") "from Lee Myung Jin. In order to become fair this collecting main, one decided for an unusual diagram style. While the environment is represented by a 3D-Engine, play figures and opponents are represented by two-dimensional Sprites.

The play a niche in the otherwise so overcrowded MMORPG market found reminding by this nostalgic, of old console plays, character style in combination with a 3D-Umgebung up-to-date.

Play principle

The major task with RO is to be equipped the structure of the own play figure and collecting or Erhandeln of rare articles of equipment around it with it. This is reached mainly by the fight against monsters. In special areas also the players can against each other begin (Player versus Player). This serves mainly as pastime and comparison of the play figures, because the spielerische use is rather small.

The play system is appropriate for interaction in groups (Parties). The more highly the stage of the play figure, the more profits the player from it with other players together to play. While Parties are only quite loose unions and usually only brief purpose alliances, also the possibility exists to close with other players to firm Gilden together.

Twice the week finds for two hours the so-called "was OF Emperium ", with which Gilden begin against each other to the fight. With this event it around conquest and defense go from castles. The Gilden, which was at the conclusion OF Emperium one of the castles keeps occupied, keep these up to the next were OF Emperium and possess up to then by this certain spielerische Vorteile.Einer of these advantages would be, which these Gilden arrive on "to Treasure boxes ", these boxes contained quite often rare many players see success in were OF Emperium as the principal purpose of the play and optimizing their play figures only for this purpose.

Several players can unite too "to parties "around together stronger opponents to defeat. The points of experience (EXP) become, if it is wished by the party, and which maximum level distance in the group does not exceed 10 level, under the members divided.


As addressed already above, it is to be formed possible in RO a Gilde and with several people together that was for OF Emperium to be denied. Between individual Gilden there are frequently alliances. This means that several Gilden unite, in order to support each other mutually. Gilden, which have with one another an alliance, cannot feel with were OF Emperium mutually.

Like the play figures, also the Gilden can compile points of honouring driving (EXP), in order to achieve a higher stage. This happens, by the players of a Gilde, so-called TAX (tax) in the form of points of experience, to the Gilde transfer. The Leader mentioned, can specify, for each play figure in its Gilde, a specific "control item", of 0-50 per cent. If enough points of experience are collected, then the Gilde a stage ascends, and begins again new points of experience to gain. All the more highly the stage of the respective Gilde, experience is all the more needed for the next ascent. If a Gilde ascended, the Leader can distribute one point, on a Gildenskill, special Skills only for Gilden.

Character system

The play figures with on-line one have two from each other independent level. First of all cousin the level, which affects the fundamental character values and to level 99 goes and secondly job is represented the level of which the experience of the character in its job class and set with each job change 1. While cousin states the level something over the general combat strength of the character, represents job the level the pallet at special abilities it for the order stands.

One starts the play as Novice (Novize) and can, after one reached level 10 as this job, to one of the 6 first occupations (1st job) change.

  • Swordman
  • Thief
  • Merchant
  • Mage
  • Archer
  • Acolyte

The only exception is here the Supernovice. In order to change to this job class, one must reach cousin level 45 as Novice. The Supernovice does not have 2. Job class however can these for it contrary to the 1st jobs not 50 but 99 job level reach and can on (nearly) all Skills of all 6 first job classes distribute. However it is subject to certain restrictions like a normal Novice which the selection to equipment and the character values limited. Due to these the Supernovice is not a beginner class separates rather a special challenge for experienced players.

After one reached job level 40 at least as 1st job character, one has to change the choice to one from 2 extended classes to, which are an extension of the first classes in each case.

  • Swordman: Knight or Crusader
  • Thief: Assassin or Rogue
  • Merchant: Blacksmith or Alchemist
  • Mage: Wizard or legend
  • Archer: Hunter, Bard (a character) or Dancer (a female character)
  • Acolyte: Praised or Monk

After one reached the level 99 can one a so-called "Rebirth "(English Wiedergeburt) make. That is called one begins again with job and cousin level 1 however the character with additional abilities is equipped. One begins after the Rebirth with a High Novice. As is the case for "the first life "this must be gelevelt to job level 10. Depending upon selected job in "the first life "the new first job is selected, which must be played again to at least job 40. Then one can change to the prestige class, however the play does not write an improved version of the 2 before this prestige class to select. Job class of the previous life corresponds:

  • Knight: Lord Knight
  • Crusader: Paladin
  • Assassin: Assassin CROSS
  • Rogue: Stalker
  • Blacksmith: Whitesmith
  • Alchemist: Biochemist
  • Wizard: High Wizard
  • Legend: Scholar
  • Hunter: Sniper
  • Bard: Ministrel
  • Dancer: Gypsy
  • Praised: High praised
  • Monk: Champion

As these one can reach job level 70 and has thereby the possibility apart from the special abilities of the appropriate normal second job class still further to learn often very powerful special abilities.

Within a short time that episode X.3 - Noghalt and episode X.4 - Hugel ADD on will be inserted, with which in the distant future also new character classes become playable e.g.:

  • Ninja (Entwicklungsstufe n.a)
  • Gunslinger (Entwicklungsstufe n.a)
  • Taekwondo boy/girl-*Starknight
  • Taekwondo more boy/girl-*Soullinker


Contrary to many other MMORPGs there is no central operated and marketed play version for the whole world. Instead there are several, from each other independent, located versions. The Korean version of the developer Gravity is only operated by these. Instead licenses are sold at Franchise enterprises in all world, which marked in each case one out of the other independent version with partially easy contentwise differences in a certain region.

Presently there are versions of the play for:

  • Korea (kRO) (here updates appear first, until they are portiert into other play worlds)
  • Japan (jRO)
  • Thailand (tRO)
  • China (cRO)
  • India (inRO)
  • Brazil (bRO)
  • Australia and Ozeanien (oRO)
  • Russia (rRO)
  • Malaysia (mRO)
  • Europe (euro)
  • an international Verson (iRO) for the USA and any other countries without own version

All these versions offer the entrance software free of charge and finance themselves over monthly contributions of the fellow players at a value of approximately 10"€ per month. Most versions offer one between one week and one month long free Probezeit, starting from which one is obligated to pay if one to further-play would like. One can put on oneself a new play account around this payment obligation to go around, however everything goes which one so far erspielt itself lost.

Otherwise the Spieldauer costs with the European Ragnarok on-line one (euro):

  • 5,95"€ for 30 hours (net play time)
  • 11,95"€ for one month (31 days)
  • 29,95"€ for three months (93 days)
  • 57,95"€ for six months (183 days)
  • 99,95"€ for a whole year (365 days)

These periods begin starting from the time of the receipt of payment on the account of the offerer and end with expiration bought Zeitraumes.Allerdings exist for all opportunity players the possibility 30 hours net play time to buy, which means that only the time is taken into account, which the player actually spends in the play (ingame). This play time is offered for 5,95"€.

If the bought and/or free service life should not run off, and within 180 days a new payment is carried out, the offerer reserves itself to delete the account.

The Maskottchen of the play ziert a set of Merchandising products and is available also as

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