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Radio Hagen is the restaurant radio for the city Hagen. It went in the year 1992 on transmission and received its license of the national institute for media North Rhine-Westphalia. Chief talking document urine is Cordula ASS ASS.


Radio Hagen sends in the week approximately six hours restaurant program. In addition the morning ending "hello awake" belongs, which is sent between 6 and 9 o'clock and which in the afternoon program "Hagen in form", which finds its transmission place between 16 and 18 o'clock. In addition radio Hagen on its frequencies lets radiate in accordance with the legal regulations citizen radio. One can listen to this evening from 18 to 19 o'clock one hour long. The remainder program and the messages to the full hour are taken over by the master program offerer radio North-Rhine/Westphalia. As return radio Hagen sends once per hour an advertising block of radio North-Rhine/Westphalia. During the restaurant program the restaurant radio sends three to local news to each half hour. In addition one hears half and to each full hour local weather and motoring information on radio Hagen during the restaurant program for each.


Well-known moderators with radio Hagen are Dennis Burk, Anja Buschjost, Robin Hiermer, Harry Wandke and Tina Wurster.


Lokalsender reached 38.8% the listener in Hagen with the E.M.A. 2006 I daily. Thus radio Hagen stands on place 5 in the rank list under the 45 North-Rhine/Westphalia restaurant radios. With these market shares in the transmission area the transmitter exceeded its largest competitors unity-live and WDR 2.


Tasks of marketing within the range broadcast advertising are paged out to the west radio GmbH made of meal, which cares for also further restaurant radios in the Ruhr district and in the sour country in the field of marketing. Among these rank: Radio K.W., radio Duisburg, antenna Ruhr, REL, radio Herne 90acht, 98,5 radio Bochum, radio EN, 102,2 radio meal and radio sour country.


Radio Hagen covers 107.7 MHz the entire city Hagen with its frequency. One can receive the restaurant radio also over cables on the frequency 96.

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