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Radio Bielefeld is the restaurant radio of the city Bielefeld. It went on 1 June 1991 on transmission and got its license of the LFM. Editor-in-chief is Martin boy realm.


Emphasis in the program of the transmitter is to point half on the local news between 6:30 and 19:30 clock over ""(in restaurants the option of the master program from 9:30 to 14:30 clock as "Bielefeld over half"… "), the local reporting, the message from Verkehrsbehinderungen or from the police set up Blitzern and the local weather forecast refunding. The moreover one Verbrauchertipps and meeting references stand in the foreground. The Bielefelder restaurant radio sends weekday up to 8 hours local program from its Studio at the The local transmissions are the Morningshow "hello awake "between 6 and 9 o'clock, "the city report ", that from 15 to 18 o'clock its transmission place find on workdays and the "drive time "between 18 and 20 o'clock. Saturday runs on radio Bielefeld between 8 and 12 o'clock "of the Treff on Saturday" and, if Arminia Bielefeld between 15 and 18 o'clock makes again the stages uncertain, the football transmission with Stadionkommentator Ulrich Zwetz and its Studiokollegen of olive Pape. Sundays one can between 9 and 12 o'clock in Bielefeld produced "Treff after nine "to listen and between 17 and 18 o'clock the local sport magazine "finalkept in track "listen. The moreover one radio Bielefeld sends the two-hour citizen radio prescribed by the national broadcast law of the country North Rhine-Westphalia between 20 and 22 o'clock (on weekend between 18 and 20 o'clock). It concerns noted transmissions, which are editorialally compiled and produced by radio-interested humans or groups of radios and/or radio workshops from the region. Radio Bielefeld transfers each play of the Erstligisten Arminia Bielefeld. Radio Bielefeld is, in the context of all North-Rhine/Westphalia restaurant radios, a licensed Radiosender of the FIFA WM 2006.

Master program

Remainder program and the world messages to the full hour are taken over by the master program offerer radio North-Rhine/Westphalia GmbH, upper living. Radio North-Rhine/Westphalia supplies all 45 North-Rhine/Westphalia restaurant act ions with a master program, which at any time can be accessed. Radio Bielefeld is prescribed however by the national institute for media North Rhine-Westphalia (LFM) a certain local transmitting time. As return radio Bielefeld sends an advertising block of the North-Rhine/Westphalia master program once per hour. As music format the Adult Contemponary (AC), prescribed of radio North-Rhine/Westphalia, is considered, which itself the 19 - until listener made the target group. Also the music selection is to a large extent given by radio North-Rhine/Westphalia. This happens exactly the same at the local transmitting times. Radio North-Rhine/Westphalia certainly to which time of which titles runs. The Jingles with the station identification "radio Bielefeld" and the Newsopener with the words "radio Bielefeld - messages" outside of the local transmitting times are released automatically in at this time the usually vacant Sendestudio in Bielefeld by a remote effect signal from upper living for all North-Rhine/Westphalia restaurant radios. A small gap is inserted at the given times of radio North-Rhine/Westphalia. The program supply is made by satellite. In bad weather if the receipt is impaired, then to an additional ISDN line after upper living one switches automatically. The current Claim (Slogan) of the North-Rhine/Westphalia restaurant radios is "100% from here". In completely North-Rhine/Westphalia the local radio act ions reach according to mA 2006 radio I on the average 1.387 million listener in the hour and 4.638 millions humans on the day. The technical range in North-Rhine/Westphalia amounts to at present 13.6 million humans over 14 years.


Editor-in-chief von Radio Bielefeld is since 1 February 2002 the native citizen of Berlin Martin boy realm. A moderator, which made itself with its transmissions beyond of Bielefeld city boundaries a name, is Ulrich Zwetz, which transfers and commentates all plays of the Bielefelder soccer federal league crew Arminia Bielefeld live. Stephan pupil, who went each Saturday morning with his colleague Stefan (better well-known than "the Prakti", is also worth mentioning) to another place of Bielefeld and from there in the transmission "live thereby" three hours long moderated. The transmission was stopped in September 2005. Further admittingnesses is Roxane Brockschnieder, Timo Fratz, olive Pape, Andreas's dear old, Bettina Wittemeier, Dirk Sluyter, Tim and Holger


At the E.M.A. North-Rhine/Westphalia 2006 radio Bielefeld 40.7% over the Bielefelder listener reached I. In this way daily 140,000 Bielefelder switched their restaurant radio on, which listened to on the average 177 minutes. Thus radio Bielefeld is the range-strongest transmitter of the city and reached in Bielefeld of more listeners than WDR 2 and WDR unity-live together. Thus radio Bielefeld stands on place 3 in the rank list of the 45 restaurant act ions in North Rhine-Westphalia.



Technical and economical tasks are to a large extent to the service company audio Media service (AMS), which likewise in the radio house of radio Bielefeld are, paged out. Punctually radio Bielefeld cooperates also editorialally with the remaining of the AMS cared for transmitters in east Westphalia lip: 94,9 radio Herford, radio Westfalica, radio lip, radio radio WAF and radio high pin. Also the marketing takes place for those altogether seven restaurant radios via the AMS.


Competitors, that play a similar music color and are receiptable over the normal antenna, are in the circulation area particularly unity-live, WDR 2 and the transmitters NDR 2, hit radio antenna and FFN radiating from Lower Saxony.

Two-column model

The national broadcast law in North-Rhine/Westphalia prescribes a "two-column model" for the restaurant radios. So that the program does not lose due to journalistic or economic interests in level or contents, program and economic responsibility are separated by this model.

Organizer community

The organizer community (VG) is responsible for the program and its contents. The VG consists of representatives of socially relevant groups. In addition belong among other things churches, trade unions and welfare organisations. The exact composition is given by the North-Rhine/Westphalia national broadcast law. The VG is employer of the editorship and appoints together with the operating company the editor-in-chief.

Operating company

The operating company (BG) is responsible for the Wirtschaftlickeit of the restaurant transmitter. The BG provides for the necessary logistic and technical mechanisms. It is to be guaranteed for it responsibly a smooth transmit mode and organizes the marketing.


The BG transmitting time for the radiant emittance of local advertisement makes the VG available. The national broadcast law assigns to the local resident newspaper publishers 75% and the municipalities 25% of the portions of the operating company. Basic condition for the Lizenzierung of restaurant act ions is the conclusion of a contract between a VG and a BG.


Over UKW radio Bielefeld is 98.3 MHz received mainly on. In the Bielefelder the south one can hear Lokalsender over the frequency 97.6 MHz. The moreover one radio Bielefeld can be attained also over cables on 98.90 MHz and 99.85 MHz (Sennestadt). Radio Bielefeld is receiptable partly also beyond the actual transmission area. To the receipt area belong beside the city Bielefeld also parts of the circles Herford, and lip. This happens however inofiziell, since these adjacent areas were assigned to other restaurant radios (94,9 radio Herford, radio and radio lip) by the institute for national medium of North Rhine-Westphalia. Since UKW jets do not pay attention however to city boundaries, the irradiation of the UKW waves on the frequencies 98.3 MHz and 97.6 MHz is not to be prevented. This applies in the rest of also to the cable frequencies, since an exact organization of the transmission areas in the cable system does not exist.


  • Of Hans's swotting, Uschi Wienken (Hrsg.): Manual restaurant radio -

On eye level with the listener - ISBN 3-88927-357-2

  • Series of publications of the German radio academy: Program supply -

economical necessity or discharge -

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