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Quam was a portable radio offerer, with business activity in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It belongs to the consortium Group 3G, that is the Finnish Sonera (meanwhile TeliaSonera) and the Spanish Mviles.

Firm history

  • A consortium from and Sonera ersteigerte in August 2000 a German UMTS license for 16,45 billion DM.
  • Quam started at the beginning of the third quarter 2001 its line operation.
  • Since Quam did not possess an own portable radio net, it cooperated with the portable radio operator E-plus, as the portable radio net was used by E-pluses under own name and with own call numbers (MVNO).
  • In December 2001 there are problems with the interconnection of the networks of Quam with the nets of the other portable radio operators. From protest Quam accepts provisionally no more customers.
  • The University of Duisburg lends the marketing anti-OSCAR to Quam.
  • In July 2002 Quam stops its GSM services. At this time the offerer has about 200,000 customers. Further a later use of the UMTS license is in planning.
  • Given on 15 October 2002 the final end of the offer from GSM services to 15 November 2002 admits. Quam recommends a change to its customers to the competitor T-mobile, that pays for it a premium to the enterprise. The UMTS license remains with the offerer, since the license conditions of the adjustment authority for telecommunications and post office do not permit it to sell these. If the conditions should be loosened, also prospective customers are present. Because otherwise only the purchase of the entire enterprise remains for these "Quam". Otherwise the license at the end of of 2004 drops back to the adjustment authority.
  • Medium reports from November 2005 according to Quam is possibly to be counted on a return of the network carrier. It is speculated, whether the offerer returns as a network carrier again to the market, similarly as the Austrian offerer 3 as pure UMTS Dienstleister. With the CO2 assumption by the chance exists to use the UMTS net of the British offerer for Quam.
  • According to technical periodicals the Relaunch for Q2 is planned 2006. It will give only one tariff, and Sven Hannawald participates as advertising medium also again also.
  • In December 2005 the Domain was reserved by the parent company That speaks for the fact that it will actually give a comeback.

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