Procurement logistics

The term procurement logistics as part of the procurement and logistics designates the process of the goods to purchase up to the transport of the material in the management economics to the entrance camp or for production. It connects with it the distribution logistics of the suppliers and the production logistics of an enterprise.


Their task is it, the quantity, to guarantee the date and quality-assuring Materialversorgung.

With the help of procurement logistics the chain between the assumption of the materials of the manufacturer is to be optimized and the delivery at the customers.


When objects of procurement logistics become all goods regarded, which must be put to the enterprise according to its need at the disposal.

A special role is given to procurement logistics in the context of the optimal supply of the customers. The procurement stands at the beginning of the logistic chain and concomitantly at the beginning of the controlling of the flow of material. With the help of an economical procurement, the fundamental condition for a successful achievement supply and maintenance is made possible for the competitive ability. By means of appropriate storage engineering, an increase in the stock turnover and the lowering exerted by it of the stocks and the capital freeze the inventory control contributes to the improvement of the liquidity.


Procurement strategy

At the development of a procurement strategy first, a classification of the procurement articles (e.g. strategic vs. uncritical article) takes place. An analysis of the procurement market follows procurement market study; exists an offer and/or a buyers’ Subsequently, the own enterprise is strategically positioned (the own enterprise is to act due to the market situation actively or Finally plans of action are set up (as is the enterprise with quantities, prices, existence, etc. goes

Procurement structure

With the development of the procurement structure, it is specified in what respect the enterprise should world-wide cost differences use or to local markets be limited should. The optimal number of different suppliers for the same parts is determined. The creation of a value depth face is specified by the variant variety and business complexity. are selected. Also, the Zulieferstruktur becomes (e.g. Area carrier, central storage depot concept) fixed.

Procurement concept

With the development of the procurement, the concept can be selected between individual case procurement, supply procurement and production-synchronous procurement (just in time/just into the sequence) due to acute quantities consumed.

Computation and formulas for optimal order

The optimal order quantity is computed ideally with the ANDLER formula (S. there).