Paul Ogorzow

Paul Ogorzow (* 29 September 1912; “† 26 July 1941 in Berlin executed) was well-known a German series murderer and as “the rapid-transit railway murderers “.

Ogorzow murdered eight women between 4 October 1940 and 3 July 1941 in Berlin. Before it went from 13 August 1939 to six attempted murders on its account. It continued to confess about twenty cases of tried and completed rape.

It used the collusion dominant during the Second World War in Berlin, which should protect against Fliegerangriffen. Filters women Ogorzow fell at night in rapid-transit railway railroad cars to the victim, whom he struck down on the basis a heavy Bleikabels, in order to offense themselves afterwards at them and to then throw her from the driving course. Two of the victims survived. Ogorzow, even coworker of the German National Railroad, used the authority of its course uniform and sat down to the notionless women into otherwise empty compartments.

In one summerhouse quarter lay in wait for Ogorzow sieved further victims approach the rapid-transit railway, of whom four heavily hurt survived.

Ogorzow indicated fascination at killing to murders as reasons for its hate on women, as well as. In order to escape its execution, it tried to instrumentalisieren the Jew hate and indicated, by a Jewish physician with bad medicines to have been treated, which would have made it ill.