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The Pyrotechniker (of Greek pyr fire) is a recognized occupation.

Pyrotechniker concern themselves with the production and use of pyrotechnic articles, in particular with fireworks. They are used among other things also with film productions, in order to e.g. blow up a car.

For acquisition, transport and use of pyrotechnic distress signal means courses with examination are likewise prescribed.

The article pyrotechnic article as well as the section legal in fireworks gives an overview of the legal classification


As a Pyrotechniker no professional training is necessary in the well-known sense, but only a capability light after "§ 20 of the German SprengG, in order to be allowed to work commercially on behalf a company in pyrotechnics. A condition is an existed technical instruction examination with a nationally recognized training course carrier. For the Inverkehrbringung and/or the company owner requires it still the permit after "§ 7 SprengG.

The moreover there is still the capability light after "§ 27 SprengG for excluding private activities (e.g. model rockets, in addition, burn-off down of fireworks).

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