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Names for products of the pyrotechnic industry in those explosion-dangerous materials or material mixtures are contained. Depending upon a use goal are to be produced thereby light, sound, smoke, nebula, heating, pressure or movement effects. One differentiates accordingly:

  • Propellant charges
  • Bang-corrode
  • Flares
  • Whistling sets
  • Smoke-corrode
  • Fog-corrode
  • Gas-corrode
  • Heating sets
  • pyrotechn. Sentences for special effects.

Main parts are oxidizing agents like e.g. Nitrate, chlorates and Perchlorate, fuels such as charcoal, sulfur, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, sulfur, phosphorus and many other materials) as well as auxiliary materials for the achievement of the desired effects. As igniting mixtures igniter cords, serve rubbing heads, for military purposes also electrical or break igniter-militarily used products are fire weapons, nebula weapons, smoke candles and flares.

Fireworks rockets contain propellant charges from black powders and the effect fillings, which consist of flares, sometimes also of bang and whistling sets. The climbing height is limited with fireworks rockets on 100 m to 200 m.

In small fire works black powder in firm casing is usually dammed. The in such a way specified consist of a whistling propellant with locking relatively weak bang set.

Mixtures from oxidizers and metallic powders calls one lightning-corrodes or also if necessary lightning bang set (UC), if they are intended primarily for the production of a bang. As the name already says, explodes UC with a bright flash and a loud bang under enormous delivery of energy, whereby some lightning-corrodes also into detonation change can. A further substantial characteristic of these explosives is it, without exploding insulation, which depends on the kind and the composition of the mixture. This characteristic makes it very interesting for pyrotechnics, since one can produce a often louder bang with small quantities, than is possible with black powders. Almost exclusively the mixture from Kaliumperchlorat and very purify-hasty aluminum powder (Aluminiumpyroschliff/Dark Pyro aluminum), applied in pyrotechnics, explodes already in small quantity openly ignited with a deafening bang. This characteristic makes the handling of UC dangerously, particularly since the mixture reacts sensitively to static loading. To find this mixture is in bird fright cartridges and Salutbomben in that largeammunition technician-egg-far the so-called Flashmischungen in small Bombetten as Zerlegerladung is used, whereby these frequently also of barium nitrate, sulfur and high-fine aluminum powder to then consist.

Whistling sets contain usually chlorates or Perchlorate as oxidizing agents as well as salts of organic acids. Noise results not from form of the outlet separates by reciprocating pulsating burn-up in open Except in rockets whistling sets use find in air-hay-learn.

In Knallerbsen Silberfulminat, a salt of fulminic acid is used. In a Knallerbse at the most 25 mg are contained, which are in-wound with a small quantity quartz sand in silk paper. The quartz sand lends on the one hand the necessary weight to the Knallerbse, secondly releases it with the impact hard document by crushing the Fulminatkristalle the explosion. The material cannot be manufactured in very large quantities, since it can be brought also at the dead weight of the crystals to the explosion. Also small friction or vibration can lead to the explosion. Also damp Silberfulminat is explosive.

As pyrotechnic products for technical purposes are mentioned: Gas-corrode for filling Airbags or driving out fire-ex. powder; Heating sets for welding plastics or weld from steel (Thermit); Smoke and/or smoldering sets of appropriate composition can be used to the Begasen by vermin; in the start time of the photography flashlight was produced by burning magnesium.

Legal handling, in addition belong manufacturing, working on, processing, using, spending, transport and leaving within business premises, recovering and destroying; traffic (trade) and the import are regulated due to the possible endangerment in the explosive right.

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