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Pyrotechnic sentences (mixtures) are in pyrotechnic products used heterogeneous mixtures from fine-powdered components, which burn down or explode when igniting without outside oxygenation.

They usually consist of inflammable components, oxidizing agents and bonding agents. By variation of the composition, adding catalysts and burn-up-moderating additives the mixtures are optimized on the respective application purpose. For example particularly value put on large heat development, gassing, smoke development, a constant and stable burn-up rate, reliable also at low temperature, good bearing endurance, high temperature stability or the toxicological characteristics of the incineration gases.


  • 75% KNO3 + 15% C + 10% S black powder: classical pyrotechnic mixture.
  • 24% B + 70% KNO3 + 6% PMMA very reliable burns also with 77 K (- 196"°C)
  • 57% Zr + 43% KClO4 abbreviation: ZPP. Pyrotechnic fuzes for solid-propellant rockets (NASA); precisely with a laser impulse one ignites.
  • 25-40% aluminium + 60-75% KClO4 fireworks bang set (> also lightning bang set called); Underwater explosive; exploded with loud bang, although the reaction final products (KCl and Al2O3) are high-melting solids. With this sentence aluminum must be present as dark aluminum (dark aluminum), which is the finest of the available aluminum powders. The stoichiometric mixture is with approx. 75% Kaliumperchlorat and 25% aluminum.
  • 74% Pb3O4 + 25% SI + 1% PMMA burns down slowly with defined speed.
  • 35% mg + 55% ptfe + 10% Viton compound A or 65% mg + 28% ptfe + 7% Viton compound A abbreviation: MTV. The fluorine polymers ptfe (teflon) and Viton compound are oxidizing agents, with which the magnesium under formation of MgF2 reacts.
  • 25-40% Pb (SCN) 2 + KClO4 when warming up inflammatory.
  • 80% Ti + 20% C reacts without detonation and gassing under strong heat development.
  • 60% Fe2O3 + 20% aluminium + 10% Ba (NO3) 2 + 3% MoS2 + 7% Viton compound A to the present/immediate glowing of electronic storage media (MOS memory chips) with critical information.

Amateur handicraftsman mixtures

(Professionally not used) Salpeter with sugar (3: 2) or Salpeter with flour (1: 1)

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