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A pyrotechnic article is an article, which contains pyrotechnic mixtures.

Pyrotechnic articles are divided according to the explosive right into different classes.

To the pyrotechnic articles to be counted objects the explosive explosives such as TNT do not contain or also large rockets (those are rockets of space technology), as well as explosives.


In Germany pyrotechnic articles are divided in accordance with the explosive right first according to the intended purpose

Pyrotechnic articles for entertainment purposes

Those are fire works, as well as some other pyrotechnic effects

Class I all year round salesable, acquisition also of young people possible
  • e.g. Knallbonbons (Knallerbsen), bang frogs, Schweizerkracher, miracle candles
Class II delivery and use only to Silvester or to licensed Pyrotechniker permits
  • cannon impacts
  • smaller fireworks rockets
Class III delivery only to licensed Pyrotechniker permitting class IV delivery only to licensed Pyrotechniker permits, BAM not examined
  • Ball bombs for elevator fireworks, rockets for large fireworks

The import of fire works is permitted also from European Union states only licensed specialized enterprises. The import by private people is since 2005 a criminal offence. Luftheuler are forbidden in Germany since 2006.

Technical fireworks

Pyrotechnic articles for technical purposes:

  • Propellant charge of model rockets
  • Signalrakete
  • Bengalfackeln
  • Stage pyrotechnics for the internal area
Class T1 technical fireworks (available starting from 18 years) class T2 technical fireworks (available only for Pyrotechniker)

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