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Puzzle Piraten
Short info.
Developer:Three of ring
Licensee:Gamigo AG
Publication date:14. June 2004
Play modes:Multiplayer
Platform:PC (Windows, Mac OS X, Unix)
Acoustic output:German
Interactive videotext:German

Puzzle Piraten is massifs Multiplayer an on-line Role Playing Game (MMORPG), in which hundreds players in a virtual Piratenwelt play at the same time together.

Was developed the PC play of Three ring in the USA. The license for the German-speaking countries however has Gamigo. Puzzle Piraten is developed since July 2001 by Three of ring. However one began already substantially in former times with planning for the Design. The alpha test was started in October 2002, the beta began in July 2003, and in December 2003 the play was started. The play went on 28 April 2004 into Germany into the open beta phase, which was locked on 14 June 2004.

Puzzle Piraten runs at the Java version 1.4 on Windows (XP, 2000, ME, 98), Linux, Unix and Mac OS X (Panther). The play is developed in Java on Linux computers. The server often commodity is likewise in Java written.

The minimum system requirements need 300 MHz a Pentium II with a screen resolution of 800x600 and 128 MT main memories. Also possible the play on slower computers is to be played, however it can be then that it happens from time to time somewhat more slowly if is much the matter. One does not need 3D diagram map or somewhat the like.

The play won the price for technical perfection and the public price of the Independent Games festival in the year 2004 both.

Over the play

Puzzle Piraten divides many of the possibilities of text and diagram-based plays such as Ultima on-line one or Everquest. There thousands are other player, and one can develop its character, teamen with other together and change the world around itself.

The difference with puzzle Piraten is that the entire play is solved over puzzle plays - as example: The winner of a sword fight is determined by cutting off in the respective puzzle, not by a statistics or a certain level.

A characteristic of the play Design is that there is no blood and no force, how one would expect it from a "Piratenspiel", since even the "necessary" brutality like a sword fight over puzzles is completed. Thus the play for all age groups is suitable - although recommended due to the necessary combination gift only starting from 13.

It is simple to unite and communicate with others. If one plays the play more intensively, it goes however by far more deeply, so that one can discover and cause also still several things. For example one can take part to the political decision of a flag - a union of individual crews - or contribute for the setting up a Handelsimperiums.

One can have much fun and success in puzzle Piraten also, if one logs in only briefly. Also one play time of only a half hour can get one going.

If one plays puzzle Piraten, the reputation and the experience of the own Piraten with the own ability rise to master the puzzles. One can get titles in the own crew or flag, and if the journeys were successful, also large fame and wealth.

Politics and trade are a large part of the advanced play. Players have to hit the possibility a career as or dealers. Piraten can possess business and houses and also build. The flags can look for, develop and control whole islands.

One can select between a free and a paid account. The free account has certain restrictions: All puzzles cannot be played at each time. It is one does not permit a shop to open to work in one or carry special articles of clothing. Further one can hold the rank of the cab personnel in its crew at the most.

The player in the play

The player can provide himself on the ocean/servers (in Germany he is called Indigo) up to three Piraten and adapt with different attributes such as type of hair and - color, skin color and sex individually. One can equip this Pirat in the play also still with different articles of clothing, weapons and different - for a pirate important - articles. With this character one can move over islands and ships, operate interactions with other players or observe simply only a driving.


One of the most important interactions is the union of several Piraten into a crew. In such it gives seven different ranks, which can be assigned to a Piraten, of "the jobber to a crew "up to "the captain ". Each rank brings its rights and obligations in the community, thus can to each player individually steer as it or it puzzle Piraten to be played intensively would like.

Further it is to be stung uncomplicatedly with its own crew in lake or be communicated by its own Chatsystem.


An individual crew has to step enough influence rarely in the play over politically into feature. In the play therefore the crews can unite to flags and fight together for their goals.

Flags can close also with other flags alliances, pull into the war or explain a blockade on an island, in order to take over it. Thus develops a complex relations system of the individual players, who constitute a large part of the advanced play passport.

As in crews it gives also to flags ranks, which can be occupied by Piraten of the member crews, of the simple "member "up to "the monarch ".

Descriptions of puzzle

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