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Puppy protection is a term particularly of dog holding used, which refers to the fact that well socialized puppies by older kind comrades are hardly turned on and hurt still more rarely.

This restraint opposite young animals does not exclude however that they are pointed for example in case of all too annoying requests for play by a strong bite into the barriers. For experienced human observers this restraint presents itself frequently as form of special tolerance or as non--complete seriousness taking. Experienced dog breeders are itself however in the fact united that this biting inhibition exists only within the own range, the own herd. Strange dog can become dangerous also for puppies, because this before the attacks of attained full growth kind comrades rapidly enough cannot flee.

Under natural circumstances come wild cousins of the dogs - which wolves - rarely in contact with strange young animals, there each wolf herd an own, large territory to be settled and if necessary at its edges (and then of the adults animals) disputes be delivered.

see also: Restraining threshold

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