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Publisher - (abbreviation: mostly "Hrsg. ", more rarely "Hg. ") - that person (or also person's group) is in the publishing trade, who prepares literary and/or scientific texts or works from artists to the publication.

The publisher can a leading person or a specialist of the publishing house be, does not have however with the company be not directly connected. Often the publishing house assigns external experts, who apply in the topic area of the title which can be published as competent. Also the reverse procedure way is possible: an expert or a Expertin in a field of activity suggests a publication idea (sometimes also some authors) to the publishing house and selects the fitting texts.

Before a work in the pressure is published, however still different are necessary except the activities mentioned above. They are taken over partly by the publishing house - however not necessarily of the publisher -:

  • the Lektorat (the treatment of writing works by one grammatically and as also as possible technically experienced lector)
  • holding the contact to the writer and/or artist
  • with compilations or if the preselection of the texts and/or works is still unsatisfactory: the search for further authors, scientists or artists
  • the addition of the work by suitable illustrations or technical illustrations.
  • the distributing organization and partly (e.g. with large quantities for exhibitions and congress) also the sales
  • the agreement of the rights, fees and percentages of profits

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