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The personal protection equipment forest protects against injuries or minimizes the injury risk with forest and forest work.


During the acquisition of protection equipment one should pay attention to two symbols:

  • A power saw in a coat of arms connected with the signature class 1. This symbol marks a test standard.
  • An acorn with the signature FPA. This test character is assigned by the KWF (Kuratorium for forest work and forest technology registered association).


  • The cut protection trousers protect against injuries with work with the power saw. With contact with the current in the trousers trained long plastic fibers are pulled out, to windings around the drive wheel of the power saw, and bring themselves so the power saw in fractions from seconds to blocking.
  • To the cut protection jacket under cut protection trousers the saying applies.
  • Cut protection shoes or - boots must exhibit a of at least 19.5 centimeters.
  • The forest helmet can protect against falling down branches. A visor shows as much as possible, however eyes and face before smaller branches as well as sawdust protects. In warning color held the helmet refers to besides the location of the worker.
  • A protection of the ears is essential, in order to avoid durable damage to the hearing. It is usually intergriert at the helmet.
  • Gloves.

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