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When one designates prototype procedures or prototypes all manufacturing methods, with which of an informal material a firm body is made. Prototypes is used, in order to manufacture the Erstform of a geometrically determined, firm body and create the material co-operation. To prototypes can be used basic materials in the liquid, gaseous, plastic, granular or powdered condition, i.e. with different rheologic behavior. One differentiates due to different combinations of individual procedures between electroplating, powder metallurgy and giessereitechnik.

In the organization of the manufacturing methods according to DIN 8580 that stands for prototypes in the first place.

The procedures, which are used to prototypes, differ after the condition of the materials. In the following some examples are specified.

  • Liquid condition
    • Pour (procedures)
    • Pressure pouring
  • Gaseous condition
    • Metal-steam
  • Plastic condition
    • Injection moulding
    • Extruding blisters
    • Extruding (finishing technique)
  • Granular or powdered condition
    • Sinters
  • Ionized condition
    • Galvanoformen
  • Rapidly prototyping (construction) (not arranged)


Prototypes by pouring melt (informal material) --> prototypes in the mold --> workpiece (blank)

See also: Main groups of the manufacturing methods according to DIN 8580: Transform, separation, an adding, a coating and material properties change

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