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Protection dog one calls a house dog, which went through the protection dog training and successfully with a set of examinations (SchH) locked; the animal is qualified thereafter to the protection service.

The Cynologique only sieve international one (FCI) dog races recognized as protection dog races are classified of over 400 world-wide from. Well-known protection dog races are for example the Hovawart and the German shepherd dog; the protection dog training as well as the following examinations can complete dogs of all races however in principle. A condition is only a minimum shoulder height of 40 cm.

The use of methods such as strong obligation during the protection dog training can release behavior disturbances with the dog, which for humans and animals can be dangerous.


The training of a protection dog is to begin in recent years. There hive-rubbed the dog responded, so that it later regards and in this impulse be trained can the protection sleeve than booty. About it is heavy to mediate to the dog in the impulse obedience. In order the necessary instructions, in addition, the barking and other abilities to learn are to be held it however notig the dog in this impulse and to be calmed it down not as in the subordination. One must decide however a further mark which kind of protection dog training one describes. The spreading is naturally the sporty protection dog training with the protection dog examinations to be put down and main due to sporty ambition and fun at this sport is completed.

In the sport it goes above all around it, the led dog to an absolutely safe training reliable and also companion completely obedient in extreme situations. In the VPG range led dogs are mostly substantially self-assured more calmly and better to lead than their not trained kind comrades. Today one ever more exclusively trains the animals over motivation and play without substantial pressure. The dog in the sport does not learn, how often wrongly represented to bite humans but can do its hive-rubbed kind-fairly to realize. In the sport the dogs are fixed exclusively on the sleeve of the aid; outside of the dog place and without the sleeve a trained sport protection dog will not attack humans - in the opposite. It reacts according to statistics substantially more nerve-firmly to new, unusual situations.

However also a police dog protection dog training enjoys going, is however substantially more complicated developed and usually also faster of must than a dog led in the sport. Here it concerns to be able to place an author not the play with the aid around the booty sleeve as actual in the sport, but in case of emergency; i.e. in actual protection dog training the dog is trained to set aimed humans to in emergency also attack however to instruction also without hesitating again to discharge.

Examinations: SchH and VPG

The protection dog examination (SchH) was replaced in some countries by the versatility examination for customs dogs (VPG); test contents cover the three sections nose work, subordination (obedience training) and protection service in all stages; test contents are specified in the test order of the federation for the German dog nature (VDH). Certified are dogs of all races as well as half-breeds.

For the existence of the examination must be achieved in each section at least 70 per cent of the points. The maximum score is with 300. The evaluations are as follows graduated following school notes:

  • excellently: = 286 points;
  • very well: = 270;
  • well: = 240 points;
  • satisfying: <= 210 points;
  • unsatisfactorily: = 110 points;
  • insufficiently: < 110 points.

After existed examination the dog leader receives the training characteristic (AKZ); after completing the protection dog examination of first class (SchH class I) the next higher class can be aimed at with increased requirements. In all test stages VPG/IPO gives it after the new PO only the free sequence.

There are the following protection dog classes:

  • SchH class A: i.e. no track, subordination and protection service however as with SchH I
  • SchH class I/VPG 1: e.g. self-track of 200 meters, free sequence, attack on the dog leader and others
  • SchH class II/VPG 2: e.g. foreign track of 400 meters, Laufschritt, stopping from the movement, attack on the dog among other things
  • SchH class III/VPG 3: e.g. foreign track of 600 meters, follow freely, seat from the movement, assault among other things

Besides there is also an international IPO . Zurzeit are adapted both test kinds, it give only minimum deviations. VPG/IPO dogs must behave in principle firingindifferently. The following classes are differentiated:

  • IPO class I
  • IPO class II
  • IPO class III


An often strongly criticized variant of the protection dog haven is the Mondioring also ring haven , which is not recognized in Germany by the VDH. Abroad adjacent ring to Mondioring under French ring, Campagne, Belgian ring and ring. Mondioring covers among other things attack from the front with stick, guarding an article and a leader defense selected by the judge. The general difference is that the attack on the whole body happens, which is also accordingly armored contrary to the arm with the protection dog haven. Many opponents do not see any more in the Mondioring the harmless arm training of the usual protection dog haven, but a Verallgemeinerung on the pattern humans. Furthermore it is often criticized that the dog must work at the Mondioring less accurately, since it has a larger "attack region" for placing. Both counterarguments were not continued to occupy so far.

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