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On 29 December 2004 in the federal law gazette published new dangerous material regulation came into force on 1 January 2005. An important innovation in relation to the old dangerous material regulation is the inevitable obligation for endangerment evaluation and the protection stage model.

Obligations of the entrepreneur - old dangerous material regulation

"§ 16 GefStoffV - determination obligation

The employer has obligation to determine whether

  • a dangerous material is present or develops
  • Substitutes or procedures with smaller health endangerments are applicable

"§ 18 GefStoffV - monitoring obligation

The employer can follow the monitoring obligation through

  • Comparison with similar plants or activities
  • Computation
  • Concentration measurements of dangerous materials on the job
  • Investigation of body fluids (biological job tolerance value - ASKED)
  • Fulfilment procedure or material-specific criteria (VSK after TRGS 420)
  • Use of examined plants

"§ 17 GefStoffV - protection obligation

The preventive measures must that

  • Regulations of the dangerous material right (dangerous material regulation),
  • Rules for the prevention of accidents,
  • Generally recognized safety-relevant, rules according to industrial medicine and hygenic (exceptions after "§ 44 GefStoffV) correspond.

Obligations of the entrepreneur - NEW dangerous material regulation

  • Information of the Inverkehrbringers or from other easily accessible sources
  • Separate endangerment evaluation for maintenance work, serving and monitoring activities, emergencies
  • Fire and dangers of explosion
  • Driven characterized materials and preparing
  • Separate determination depending upon photograph way and physicochemical endangerment
  • Limit values and possibilities of a substitution of the materials used, conditions of work and - proceed, incl. dangerous material quantity
  • Writing (not with protection stage 1), preparation by expert person, (co-operation of company doctor or specialist for industrial safety, if orders)
  • independently of employment figure; Obligation for actualization, before admission of the activity
  • Listing of the used dangerous materials, including safety data sheets must be accessible all persons employed concerned

Protection stage 1 - Activities in the range of application of the trifle regulation "§ 7 exp. 9 GefStoffV

for a certain activity with:

  • small amount of material (keyword: "commercial standard ")
  • after height and duration of low exposition
  • small endangerment (does not apply to "T-materials ")

only measures after "§ 8 GefStoffV:

  • TRGS 500 (similarly workplace regulations and industrial safety law)
  • Minimization requirement, as well as production and use prohibitions
  • Examination of the effectiveness tech. Preventive measures at least every 3 years
  • Instruction after "§ 12 ArbSchG

Protection stage 2 - Activities without T-materials, if preventive measures of the SSt 1 are not sufficient

Basic dimension-took after "§ 9 GefStoffV

  • Substitute requirement with documentation obligation
  • Minimization requirement with order of rank of the preventive measures
  • new endangerment evaluation during excess of the job limit value
  • for materials without AGW: Proof of the effectiveness of the preventive measures - otherwise measurement
  • Instruction after GefStoffV, however work prohibition

Biocides "§ 9 (11) GefStoffV

  • Use only according to permission and marking
  • Employment with consideration of physical, biological or chemical alternatives on *Mindestmass limit
  • Applies also in households

Order of rank of the protection measure names "§ 9 GefStoffV

  • less dangerous materials used
  • Adjustment to the state of the art; closed plant
  • Exhaust of the materials at the withdrawal or developing place
  • Ventilation measures
  • Personal protection equipment: "§9 (3) person employed must use the protection equipment and the employers may them not as constant measure permit

Protection stage 3 - Activities with poisonous and very poisonous materials and preparing

Basic dimension-took after "§ 10 GefStoffV

  • SUBSTITUTION OBLIGATION; if technically not possible, then
  • closed system; if technically not possible
  • Reduction of the exposition after state of the art
  • The employer guarantees that the AGW is kept.
  • Measures during disregard of the AGW; in particular with ASI work (personal protection equipment)
  • Documentation of further measures for the lowering of the exposition in endangerment evaluation
  • It has to accomplish the measurements or equivalent and clear proof procedures necessary for it.
  • The results are to be kept and to be made the persons employed accessible.
  • Restriction of admission (exception: Petrol at gas stations)

Protection stage 4 - Activities with carcinogenic, hereditarygood-changing or fertility-endangering materials of the categories 1 or 2

not if: Job limit value to be kept or according to activities a VSK be accomplished

  • The adherence to the job limit value is to be documented in the endangerment evaluation
  • Measures during disregard of the AGW; in particular with ASI work (respiratory protection, protective clothing - limits while the whole duration of the work, but to a minimum for each person employed)
  • Documentation of further measures for the lowering of the exposition in GB
  • Usually no air feedback.
  • Demarcation of the danger areas and mounting of warning and safety character

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