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Projektive tests are a group of psychological research methods, those usually on the basis interpretationable pictorial material (e.g. standardized ink-spots with the Rorschachtest with the question: "Could be ") Projections pro gangs call up, which permit then conclusions over its personality. Behind the fact the thought stands that these projections are affected by attitudes, motives and internal desires pro gangs, and therefore a diagnostic statement permit.

Beside the Rorschach there are other well-known and relatively frequently used projektive test procedures, e.g. Themati Apperzeptionstest (ACT), here pictures by ambiguous situations is shown, which is to tell rehearsing and, what happens according to its opinion. Particularly for the work with children family is suitable in animals (FIT ONES). To paint the child requested all family members as animals.

The advantage of projektiven tests is among other things in the fact that there are to answer with difficulty "socially desired" to the rehearsing and do no correct or wrong answers thus. Simultaneous is this also their largest disadvantage. If is not clearly given, what as correct or wrongly is evaluated, the quality of the evaluation and thus the quality of the diagnosis hang alone from the plotter (one speaks here also of low analysis objectivity). Also the other important control criteria of a psychological test validity) fail for projektive procedures far more badly than for objective tests.

It has quite authorization in the evaluation of projektiver tests more an art to see than a scientific method. Nothing the despite projektive test procedures find partially still frequent application. In the USA 1993 the so far recent edition of the Rorschach appeared.

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