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Project Entropia is a XORG (MMORPG/FPS), which many hundred players play at the same time together over Internet. At present there are approx. 400,000 registered players, whereby it does not admit is how many of it actively participates.

Play contents

The play is an on-line game of roles. The special is that it does not only permit officially, but is even necessary to act with genuine money. On the planet Calypso one uses the currency PE dollar, which is linked with the USD (US dollar).


Calypso is the first planet by humans to be settled could. The climate is warmer than that the earth, which is because of the strong ecliptic of Calypso. The sun disappears never far under the horizon, and rises at midday more highly. By strong heatfrom-dip from the hot and less hot regions prevails on large parts of Calypsos a pleasant subtropical climaticon Calypso are attainable up to now only two continents of the settlers. Eudoria and Amethera.


Eudoria is by far better explored the smaller by both continents, for it, with a higher population and a substantially better infrastructure. Eudoria has an estimated surface of square foot, or 15.000.000 km and an estimated coastal length of 30.000 km. The climate on Eudoria is subtropically to tropical, the vegetation changes between open levels and more moderately to more closely Bewaldung.Der highest mountain is followed Syran peak with 3988 m from Mt. Stormer, 3897 m, Mt. Stronghold, 3597 m and Mt. Sisyphos, 3140 M. thereafter follow 37 further mountains from 139 m to 2884 m.Es give after Eudoria only three large rivers: Orthos River, which into the Lake Ambrosia flows, of where, both northward, and to the south a discharge exists. After the south the Orthos River resumes, northward Thetys River, into which the Nereus River flows. Why the Lake Ambrosia of two discharges has is up to now unsettled. On euro dia. there are 32 Teleporterstationen, everywhere distributed on the continent. The capital is Hadesheim, the most important cities is Atlas Haven, haven Atlantis and twin peak. Further cities are Cape Corinth, Jason centers, Minopolis, Nymphtown and Zychion CIT aristocracy. Zychion CIT aristocracy was destroyed recently by an attack of Androiden.


The entire economic system in the play develops on the play currency PE dollar, which can be exchanged in the relationship 10 to 1 into genuine dollars. Is possible for conversions into both directions. The firm connection to the dollar makes genuine investments possible. Thus recently a film producer set up a new record, in which he acquired a virtual holidays area with Disco, hotel and hunting ground for 100,000 dollar. It hopes to take the money already soon with assignment rights to other players again and would like afterwards its living costs thereby to earn.


No participation fees and also the Spielclient result can be downloaded free of charge in the play. The play finances itself, as the operators sell virtual properties and articles to the players. A Mitspielen is also possible without own money employment in principle, however are so practically not attainable far going player sequence.

The British actor Jon Jacobs bought the virtual real estate of a holidays department on a Asteroiden for 100.000 US Dollar. It offers virtual Hotelsuiten, prospecting licenses for virtual raw materials and hunting rights to its fellow players for the purchase. Jacobs earned this way allegedly already 1 million US Dollar in the play and has monthly earnings/services of over 12.000 $.

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