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Under progress one understands one as improvement evaluated change of the condition, occasionally also worth-free approaching to a goal. The interpretation of history under the interpretation of a progress development one calls progress-theoretical historical interpretation, which opposite beginning as purge-theoretical Geschichsdeutungsansatz designated (e.g. golden age).

The ambiguous term has substantial history and culture-philosophical effects and coins/shapes in special way the conception of the world of the western modern trend.

Many humans in the western culture area the idea that there is "progress", appears so natural that they do not remember that there are also completely different, in addition in the contradiction standing, world-descriptive axioms. The progress thinking became generally accepted in the modern times in Europe and in North America. In particular with the French revolution and with the clearing-up got the conception of a constant progress of mankind a substantial thrust.

What is

The progress thinking contains the following historicalphilosophical axioms:

  • The historical development runs linear.
  • The general condition is interrupted increasingly better, possibly by setbacks ("culture optimism").
  • Possibly still the conception is added that the changes a goal zusteuern ("Teleologie").
  • Often the conception is connected with the progress faith that history develops in a well-planned manner.

The linearity of the historical change

Fundamental terms of our political orientation are implied by the conception of the linearity. Thus is considered as progressive or progressive, who on this (linear!) Away precedes, thus the historical process to a certain extent accelerated. When conservatively in this sense it applies however who wants to brake or stop the linear course of motion, when reactionary, who to turn around, thus backwards go, wants him. It pay attention that this conceptualnesses leads to the Aneinandervorbeireden, if the interlocutor does not accept the axiom of a linear historical change at all, or if he sees her running in another direction.

Technical progress

See major items: technical progress

Culture optimism

The culture optimism assumes that change is as a rule an improvement. From this a positive evaluation of the "new one" as well as a negative evaluation of the "old person" result, thus "overhauled". According to this thinking our current civilization is evaluated as better than earlier and it is accepted that future civilizations are better than our current.

The progress thinking contains often also the conception, "utopias" (griech. ou = no place, anywhere), socio-political kind, do not carry out to be able. Never Dagewesenes appears to the culture optimist as in principle attainable, almost as contents of political thinking.


The faith in a final goal of the historical changes is very old and been based in our culture area on old Biblical Vorstellungen.Die conceptions, how this final goal has to look, is however most different. Nevertheless a purpose meant from the end is a common conception-religiously gives it the faith in a "third realm" (after the first to Jesus Christ and second thereafter), which exists eternally ("thousand-year old"). As recognizable, Adolf Hitler took up these mythischen conceptions, in order it on to be, however terrestrial, of transferring realm.

Also communism has, also under the influence of Hegel, such a teleologische conception. The classless society of the Marxist theory, which lets the state die finally also, is a society, in which everyone can live after its needs. When this can be attained and whether that comes to a certain extent automatically, or whether it must be caused by actions (class warfare), over it itself the different parliamentary groups of Marxist world view are divided.

Always a teleologisches concept is not connected with the progress thinking. Progress can be thought also without certain end, thus result open.

Development, planning

Frequently the conception is connected with the progress thinking that the run of history is in principle already certain. We could affect then this run either not at all or only slightly or if necessary in the speed of the expiration. Today the very much spread word of the development comes from this conception: Afterwards the expiration of history is "rolled up" already before e.g. by God. This history already rolled up develops now. We cannot change the thread of history thus. We can brake or accelerate if necessary something, which was already described under the point linearity. In a religiously more neutral form does not become from God, but spoken of "planning", thus one however meant institution, which foresees the run and makes - it is not in the word, but in the usual application of the word - decisions in such a way that the development can run off according to plan.

Where philosophers, who are committed to the progress thinking, make forecasts for the future, are this extrapolations from the Vergangenheit.So describe Karl Marx with "ehernen laws" of history not a repetition or an equal remains from the past the acquaintance, but an advancement, whose objective can be determined however from the past.

Alternative historicalphilosophical concepts

Culture pessimism

The culture pessimism of those faces the culture optimism (constant) of the progress of the mankind civilization, which believe to recognize a constant descent of one as good or paradiesisch felt original state. There are culture pessimists from Christian view (see Paradies) just like from a respect of the "noble wild one" ("bon sow-vaguely") contrary to verderbten civilized humans. "Back to nature" one is Schlachtrufe.Auch Bewunderer of the antique ones like that fascism intimate culture philosopher Julius Evola (Buchtitel "in the midst of of ruins", with which the antique ruins are meant) ranks among those, in "back!" expect a moral improvement of mankind (see also Dekadenz; Golden age).

Equal lasting conditions

Another historicalphilosophical view believes that conditions - at least with some abstraction - remain always alike. Hence it follows that the representatives of this aspect are convinced of the fact that one can derive empirically general laws, which are timeless valid from history. One of the most well-known philosophers of this direction is Machiavelli. in addition, all empirical sociologists assumes that that at least parts of the examined social structures and their regularities receive also for the future, thus constantly, to remain.

Cyclic process of history

Again another historicalphilosophical conception is particularly in eastern, i.e. expiration of India affected, countries prevailing conception, history cyclically. After this conception there is neither progress to the good one still another gliding to the bad, in addition, no stop, but a circle-like movement history constantly changes, comes out however again, where it began.

Critical turn of an era

From considerations of the system theory originates the term of the global acceleration crisis, which by the physicist Peter Kafka was coined/shaped. Afterwards an accelerating progress with very fast and global standardized structural change leads inevitably into an unstable overall situation of the human civilization and the philanthropic biosphere. This aspect is not culture pessimistic however, because the crisis not when inevitable fall and fall are understood, but as a singular turning point in the history of the progress, at which the "leaders" of the evolution - which mankind - find probably to a future-more suited re-orientation in the guidance ideas of their civilization.

See also

technical progress productivity progress


  • Progress is called: from the spell out-step, also from that of the progress. - Theodor W. Adorno (progress, 1962)
  • Is it a progress, if a Kannibale uses measurers and - Stanislaw Jerzy Lec
  • The term "progress" alone presupposes already the horizontal. It means a getting ahead and no high coming. - Joseph Roth
  • Reasonable humans adapt to the world; the senseless insists on the attempt adapting the world. Therefore all progress depends on senseless humans. - George Berne pool of broadcasting corporations Shaw
  • Progress means that we know ever more and less and less of it have. - Josef my wheel
  • The material progress does not satisfy of the needs, which humans have really. - Winston Churchill
  • There is no large discoveries and progress, as long as there is still another unfortunate child on ground connection. - Albert Einstein
  • Progress is return to the reason. - Bertolt break
  • Progress without deviation from the standard is not possible - franc Zappa

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