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The professional association for the retail trade (abbreviation: BGE) is a commercial professional association and thus carrier of the legal accident insurance.

To the member enterprises approximately 300,000 enterprises of the retail trade belong. Altogether are insured with the BGE about 2.000.000 humans against industrial accidents and occupational illnesses.

By prevention the BGE ensures for security and health protection on the job, rehablitation ensures optimal welfare treatment and remuneration guarantees financial security after an industrial accident or an occupational illness.


Beside the head office in Bonn the BGE maintains district administrations at 4 further locations (Berlin, Bonn, Bremen, and Munich).

Numbers for the accident and rate of contribution development, administratives expense

  • The number of the accidents related to the number of the persons employed could be halved in the last 30 years.
  • The rate of contribution is appropriate for total wages on the average for decades with approximately 0.8%.
  • The administrative costs amount to about 8%.

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