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In the technical rule for dangerous materials (TRGS) is described 420 for some procedures, as they can to be implemented surely/be supposed. With appropriate data new can be requested procedure and material-specific criteria (VSK) at the committee for dangerous materials (AGS).

5 VSK in the TRGS 420, Anl. 1 for durably safe observance

  • of air limit values for the filling of org. Liquids in bundles to 250l
  • of air limit values during the Runderneuerung of tires
  • the TRK von Vinylchlorid with the processing of PVC
  • of air limit values while handling working materials in plants, units or working procedures
  • the air limit value of formaldehyde with the use of low-temperature steam with formaldehyde procedure (NTDF) to the sterilization in the health service

In the TRGS 420, Anl. 2 are additionally one recommendation of the LASI/ALMA and 20 recommendations of the BG/BGIA contained.

They are to help the entrepreneur, its obligations from the dangerous material regulation regarding the monitoring of the job limit values to follow to be able (see in addition also the protection conception of levels). The VSK permits to state without exposition measurements the fact that the limit value is kept durably surely or is kept or is exceeded. The latter of the evaluations is to lead to a definition of appropriate preventive measures. Likewise the VSK working procedure describes, with those check measurements to be simplified accomplished can (guidance components, test tube etc.) or e.g. from Funktionskontrollen changes of exposition to be judged (without check measurements) or without check measurements to be generally done can.

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