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By private household (also household simplifies) in the economic sense the unit of the orders directed toward safety device of the common satisfaction of requirements of a group of people in the context of a social thing can be understood. Therefore the household can be summarized as the maintenance-economical satisfaction of requirements of a group of people and/or the whole of the relevant decisions and actions. A private household can consist of several humans (family, group house) or of one or more persons (single). In latter case one speaks of a single household.

Scientific meaning of private households

Beside the household science different scientific disciplines concern themselves with private households: so the economic specialist areas political economy, management economics and home economics, in addition, different sociological specialist areas.

Households in the political economy

In the political economy in the context of the economic circulation as a consumer, as a saver and as an offerer of work and capital (and thus finally as offerers of factors of production) a central meaning for the economic development comes to them.

Households in the management economics

In the management economics they are regarded particularly as customers. The partial discipline marketing concerns itself with the question, like households to be induced can to buy the applied goods.

Households in the home economics

In the home economics in particular the housekeeping is examined. Aspects become such as supply attitude, the housing and textile care, which consider boarding and the accounting.

The daily work can cover thereby among other things

  • Purchase/sales
  • the preparation (cooking, roast or crickets; baking) and administration of meals
  • Cleaning of the dwelling (flashes) and clothes
  • Child supply and - support
  • Repair of thes subject of the household need
  • Patching up of the dwelling and/or the house
  • Maintenance and/or repair and care of furniture and inventory
  • Care of plants and domestic animals, if necessary also of utilizable animals and the garden
  • Preparation and maintenance of clothes and table laundry bring (sewing, plug and patch as well as washing, to the cleaning)
  • Care and repair of means of transport (bicycle, motor vehicle)
  • Support ill relatives in the dwelling and/or in the house
  • Clerical works, record keeping, settling calculations and reminders, correspondence, treatment of post offices, production and control of the budget

This short and incomplete overview shows that the guidance of a household is a complex and various task, which requires cooperating all involved ones. Not only skill is necessary, but just as organizational ability, overview and discipline particularly during the timing and in financial affairs.

Naturally the tasks vary very strongly with the number and the demographic composition of the respective household. Single households are simplest to organize, on the other hand one however all work of a person must be settled or if necessary household-far of auxiliary workers be consulted.

In the field "different occupational groups developed household", which offer services:

  • Outer Pair, usually young women, who help in Gastfamilien
  • Child girl
  • Village aid, within the agricultural range
  • Old person male nurse, for the support of old and needy humans
  • Housekeeping aid, for small and extended families
  • Tierheim, for the occasional support of domestic animals with absence because of illness or vacation
  • House manager, in the urban or village household
  • House and family male nurse, as representatives of the absent or gotten sick housewife
  • Caretaker, responsible for cleanliness and order in the building

The rising life expectancy and the sort of the society lead to an increase of the households in Germany and also in the adjacent countries.

Number of households:

  • in Germany 38.994 million (2003)
  • in Austria 3.24 million (2000)
  • in Switzerland 3.1 million (2000)

These produce in a substantial extent goods and services, which however typically are used and therefore are statistically not seized. Statistic data are on the other hand interesting for enterprises in the consumer goods and service range extraordinarily.

A household day abolished in the meantime made it for families possible to settle one day long necessary work in the own household without this day was considered as time absent.

Households in the sociology

In the sociology private households represent a social system, which can be examined for group processes. Of importance households are thereby particularly in the micro and family sociology.

Economic meaning of the private households

Over a quarter (26 per cent) of the gross incomes of private households was allotted in the year 2003 according to data of the statistic federal office to public transfers. In the year 1993 this portion had amounted to only 20 per cent. The situation is dramatic in the new Lands of the Federal Republic: Here only each second euro originates from earned incomes. A cause for it are above all more pensioner households and the repeated rise of the child benefit. Increased however also the payments to people on social security and unemployed persons.

The gross income of the private households in the new countries and Berlin was on the average with 2.734 euro per month, which corresponds to 76 per cent of the west level (3,619 euro). With the remaining net incomes - thus after departure of taxes and social security contributions - the span amounted to 660 euro, which corresponds to 77 per cent of the west level. On average the net incomes of all households are country widely about 2.771 euro. In the west with 2.895, in the east with 2.233 euro. Thus the catching up process of the east slowed down since 1998.

When coming in as well as with the consumer behavior there are also a north-south gap as well as differences between city states and surface countries, most pronouncedly is however the east west differences. That concerns also the consumer and savings behavior.

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