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Priston Tale is of Triglow a Pictures Inc. developed MMORPG for the PC. It plays in a fictitious Fantasy world, in which one fights together with other players against creatures of all kinds.

For the play different servers exist:

The different servers contain different versions of the play. The Korean Priston Tale contains the server with play developed furthest.

At the beta time in the year 2002 Priston Tale had only the KZEE server. Priston Tale reached 15,000 in the first seven days of the beta phase registered user.

General information

The play contains one in the Anime style play world held in 3D-Grafik.Das play became liable to pay the costs after a long free beta phase after innumerable updates.


Apart from normal fighting against monsters, there are many Quests, in order to equip its character with more Skillpunkten and points of status. The combat system of Priston Tale is (differently than with World OF Warcraft) an action combat system in real time.

Existing peoples in the play

In the world of Priston Tale gives it two different peoples, who are resident in different cities. For each people four groups of characters do not stand to give it a sex distinction in the sense, which one can provide to character class in both sexes. But they were specified simply by the manufacturers and one can to each character class 3 models select in your characteristics do not differ in such a way only in the appearance!


The homeland of this people calls itself Ricarten Town. With the time this city grew up for the central exchange and commercial zone of the country. This people was the first energetic people and was long time dominance. The following character classes are resident in this city:

  • Archer: These are specialists, if it concerns to attack the opponent from the distance with arrow and elbow. Thus they come more rarely into enemy contact, with which the danger, which proceeds from the opponents, is reduced substantially.
  • Fighter: These are characterised particularly by their strength and their health, whereby direct opponent contact belongs to the normal case. Best they control the fight with the most diverse axes, which cause substantial damage to the opponent.
  • Mechanician: These are characterised by a high defense. Thus they can put in substantially more, than some different that at the same time provides a large advantage in the fight against several opponents for them.
  • Pikeman: These have high health and strength values, with which they can quite keep up with the Fighter. They control mirror-image-eat, as usual nobody. With them they cause the opponent to optimal damage.


The homeland of this people calls itself Phillai Town. The special at this city is that she floats over the earth and only with a Teleporter be attained can.

  • Knight: These are characterised by the combination of strength and magic. They are very balanced generally, which concerns its ability. Handling swords falls them most easily.
  • Atalanta: These probably resemble at the earliest Amazonen. With Speeren they can deal best. If several opponents loose-go however at the same time on it, they come very strongly into distress.
  • Priestess: These have enormous psychological forces. Both their welfare-end forces, and the optimal installation of their psychological forces against all possible opponents, are strong in a fight from being useful.
  • Magician: These have likewise enormous psychological forces, which however much more offensive is used, as those the Priestess.

Further peoples still stand in planning. Rumors to consequence Assaine of the portion nevertheless which from it to have we be waiting and simply a view of Korea throw Korean Priston Tale is the first PT-server was and updates, Events etc. gotten those approx. 1 year or half year before it internation Priston Tale gets.

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