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Page modified: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 20:57:34

The pressure casting machine is a technical device (machine), which manufactures products or their preliminary stage by the pressure pouring procedure.

One differentiates essentially two designs from diecasting machines, i.e. such with cold and warm filling chamber.

Warm chamber procedure

The pressure casting machines with warm filling chamber contain directly a construction, which connects the furnace with the pressure mold as characteristic in the melt, which is warm-held in a crucible. The diecasting machine and the holding furnace form a unit. The casting aggregate is also in the melt. Thus pouring of materials on aluminum or copper basis becomes impossible, because at the higher temperatures of at least 700 "°C a danger of the destruction of the metallic bright continuous forms by uncontrollable diffusion exists.

This procedure is fully automizable in the industry and thus develops fast cycle times from 3 to 4 seconds. With such machines the liquid metal in-sucks itself through upward the moving plunger piston. With the movement directed downward the inlet port is locked and the liquid metal is pressed into the pressure mold. The pressure casting machines possess a high heat dissipation speed. Thus the structure of the cast part becomes very fine-grained and directly close under the edge casting shell of the parts very. Due to the high flowing in speed of the liquid metal air cannot escape from the form cavity fast enough. In this way one finds in the interior of the cast pieces often, thus cavities.

Therefore that has warm chamber - procedures apart from the restriction that one can pour no aluminum or cupreous materials the following disadvantages:

  • the duct system to mouthpiece is always hot (temperature to 700 "°C)
  • Tightness problems
  • High wear of the piston
  • Cavities by high pressing

Cold chamber procedure

With the cold chamber pressure casting machines the pressure casting machine and the furnace are always separately arranged for the supply of the liquid metal, and the necessary fusion quantity is proportioned manually or automatically into the filling chamber. With the cold chamber pressure casting machines still additionally between such with horizontal and vertical arrangement one differentiates. In the following section is described the cold chamber pressure casting machine with horizontal arrangement.

With cold chamber pressure casting machines first the liquid metal is filled into the filling chamber. With the horizontal mobile plunger piston filling the mold and solidifying take place under pressure. After opening the pressure mold the "shot" (cast part + dead head + over runs + Presskuchen) is ejected from the mobile half-mold.

This procedure is not suitable preferentially for alloys on aluminum and copper-basis-process-determined reaches one with this procedure the as with the warm chamber pressure casting process.

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