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The Precious Woods getting thing AG with seat in Zurich is 1990 created Swiss holding company, which is active on the international wood market and uses themselves here for the concept of lasting forestry in the tropical rain forests of South America.

Since that 18. March 2002 is kotiert the Precious Woods getting thing AG to the SWX Swiss Exchange. The name shares are acted there under the symbol "PRWN "and are contained in the mirror-image index.

The tropical wood, predominantly Teakholz, exported harvested by Precious Woods in the rain forest, usually and, is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Concept that forest management

The philosophy behind Precious Woods is expressed by its slogan: "The best kind of protecting tropical forests is, to use these lastingly. ". This principle represents nothing else, as the transmission of the principles of a lasting forestry already usual in Europe on the forests of South America coined/shaped by the predatory exploitation. Here a dreigleisige strategy of the unification is pursued by economic, social and ecological interests. This has the intention of pointing an alternative form of management out of the rain forest and of keeping their profitability upright despite ecological and social compatibility and/or even of increasing these in a long time window.

Around these goals to reach one avails oneself of different methods:

  • Processing of the woods locally by native and well trained personnel, whereby local jobs develop and the secondary damage of the forest, for example by insufficient or unselektive wood withdrawal, is minimized.
  • Production of forest rationing schemes by the data acquisition and Katierung of individual trees and the tree selection for the definition of an expiration of harvest, possible thereby.
  • Selective wood withdrawal through directional cases and consideration more qualitatively like ecological factors.
  • Use more easily machines to the indulgence of the forest soil.
  • Equilibrium from wood withdrawal and afforestation with accompanying ecological research under avoidance of Monokulturen and the receipt of forest areas in their almost natural form with as minimum an interferences as possible.
  • Renouncement of the use of certain ranges around watercourses, banks and other proven protected zones with a total extent of about 25% at the entire forest area.
  • No management of the forest areas used by indigenen peoples.
  • Reforestation formerly gerodeter forest surfaces and thus re-establishment of a various forest ecological system.

Firm's structure

Precious Woods consists of different private firms:

  • Precious Woods Switzerland - company headquarters in Zurich for the support of financial and administrative tasks of the total enterprise.
  • Precious Woods Zentralmerika - since 1990 claimant reforestation project in Guanacaste.
  • Precious Woods Amazon - 1994 created subsidiary in Itacoatiara and thus first lasting forest enterprise in Amazonien; since 1997 FSC certifies.
  • Precious Woods - 2001 created common subsidiary of Precious Woods and A. van the mountain B.V. in Brazilian and/or Since 2002 FSC certifies.

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