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The term postponement (English: tons postpone = shift) in logistics and in the industriellen production are used.

Postponement in production

In production one understands as late, a differentiation for the individual customer of a standard product as possible under postponement into different variants (assembly postponement).

This differentiation takes place only after incoming orders. Up to the incoming orders customer-anonymous, based on future sales forecasts, standardized products (construction units or modules) are manufactured (Push control). After incoming orders the standardized products are finalinstalled for the individual customer into different variants (Pull control). The point of uncoupling (decoplingpoint, order penetration POINT, point of variant regulation and/or Freezepoint) represents the transition from customer-more independent to related to customers manufacturing.

A goal of the postponement thought is it thus to shift the point of uncoupling within the supplying and/or delivery chain (Supply chain) as far as possible to the end of the production process (direction customer).

Postponement in logistics/distribution

With the logistic postponement (geographic postponement) products already differentiated are provided with stock as for a long time as possible at central camps; transport is to take place as late as possible, only after customer order entrances.

Product-related postponement is the urgent condition for an efficient individualized mass production (measured customization). A goal of the individualized mass production is it to manufacture products for the individual customer however to costs, which are not more highly and/or only slightly higher than in mass production manufactured standard products.


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