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In Austria the postal zip codes are four digit and became the 1. 1966 imported.


The first place of the postal zip code indicates the appropriate region.

  • 1xxx - Vienna
  • 2xxx - Lower Austria (east of Vienna)
  • 3xxx - Lower Austria (to the west of Vienna)
  • 4xxx - Upper Austria
  • 5xxx - Salzburg
  • 6xxx - Tirol (without Osttirol) and Vorarlberg
  • 7xxx - Castle country
  • 8xxx - Steiermark
  • 9xxx - and Osttirol

The second place marks the Leitgebiet. The third place shows the guidance distance of the pieces of post office with the course or the car. The fourth place indicates the guidance place (post office). Its own number is assigned each post office. In Vienna the municipality district in the second and third place of the postal zip code (e.g. 1120:12 stands. District).

There are however also exceptions to this rule. So for example the place Weyer has the postal zip code 3335, lies however nevertheless in upper Austria and not in Lower Austria - Weyer is supplied from Lower Austria with post office. The airport vienna Schwechat lying in Lower Austria has the postal zip code 1300, and the UN town center (actually in 22. District) has the postal code 1400.

Special postal zip codes

About 400 special postal zip codes exist. Among them postal zip codes for distributor centers (1000 Vienna), p.o. boxes (4021 Linz) and special intended purposes rank (1136 Vienna for the ORF).

These postal zip codes do not seem in public listings up. A list is only liable to pay the costs available over the Austrian post office.

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