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Post office Fordism designates the restaurant form, which replaced the Fordism in the western industrial nations. Originally the term decreases/goes back to Japanese engineer Taijchi Ohno, the inventor of the new production model with Toyota, which following Henry Ford model was called first "Toyotismus".


  • Making the Labour Organization, working groups flexible, task integration
  • Production in smaller series and strong product differentiation
  • Introduction of flexible general-purpose machines
  • Improvement of the qualification of the workers
  • De-Hierarchisierung
  • of the administration
  • increasing research investments
  • the increasing meaning of mental property, opposite material resources and means of production
  • the comprehensive recourse to of the worker
  • Omission of the national security systems and privatisation of the security
  • generally an individualizing of all ranges of the life organization and thus the basis of the increasing "private colonization"


Historically the post office Fordism replaced the 1960er starting from years the Fordism, which had become generally accepted as determining restaurant form in capitalism. As reason for the transition one assumes the Fordism would not have been able to exhaust its production reserves since it had not been after its penetration in the triad (North America, Western Europe, Japan), any more in the situation to secure the hegemony of the USA durably which as driving Kraft of western capitalism are considered.

Under the sign of the safety device of the supremacy of the triad a further increase of the accumulation was no longer possible only by an increase of the mass production after the model of Lohnarbeit and the exploitation of natural resources, standardized by Ford on the basis. After the crisis by over accumulation into the 1980er the neoliberale restructuring followed years, to protect as well as the globalization, which is to be regarded as attempt, the economic and economic supremacy of the west. Within this framework ever more national security systems were diminished and replaced by private-economical. Classical employer-employee relationships were replaced by models of independent work (illusory independentness). As consequence a separation between production sphere and was no longer possible, on which the tendency followed to the "internal colonization" as well as for the enlargement of the exploitation rate (wage lowering, rationalization, work intensification). The omission of the national security systems as well as the Deregulierung in the trade (international financial trade) ensured at the same time, under economic view to a rationalization, which secured the of western capitalism. The exploitation and destruction of natural resources was an important basis of the Fordism, whereby this was however also limited. After became ever clearer, as such as soil, energy (oil), water and forests is, is not possible a boundless creation of value limits natural resources by a further exploitation any longer (the borders of growth).

In the post office Fordism a Inwertsetzung of natural resources takes place by the transfer into private vested titles. (Gene patents, bio Piraterie). The safety device of mental property at natural resources wins increasingly in meaning, the more expensive the production of material natural resources becomes. Similarly it behaves with knowledge and mental property. In the Fordism after keynesscher coinage the production knowledge was built and these from the "worker" "only" was served in the machine (classical assembly line work, follow-up of the Manufaktur, dissolution of the handicraft). The machine was the investment object, which mechanically the knowledge was written around production.

In modern production processes and under that continuously fast change of the product cycles the value is increasing by the knowledge for the production of means of production from larger value than physical means of production themselves (knowledge company). Thus the property at knowledge of increasing importance is and represents after Jeremy Rifkin (ACCESS, disappearing the property) a key element of the new accumulation and regularization way.

The constant expansion of the patent law on new ranges of mental production as well as the efforts to reglementieren the vested titles products medialen on and their duplication can be understood as consequence of this increasing meaning of mental property. From this also the increasing incorporation of the workers in production and creation of value process is derived. The worker is taken up (in the context of solely responsible working) increasingly totally. Thus both with its manual abilities (in the context of classical production) and with its physical-mental abilities (creativity, innovation and capable of cooperationness).

See also

  • Regularization theory


  • Ulrich fire, Werner Raza (Hrsg.), fit ones for the post office Theoretical-political perspectives of the regularization beginning, steam boat, 2002
  • Joachim deer, Roland Roth: The new face of capitalism. From the Fordism to the post office Fordism, VSA, Hamburg 1986.
  • Jeremy Rifkin: ACCESS, disappearing the property

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