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: (Portulacaceae)
Scientific name
Portulaca oleracea ssp. sativa

The Portulak (Portulaca oleracea ssp. sativa) a one year's plant from the family of the which is in-patriated for a long time in Central Europe, is today however is hardly still used.

It has small yellow ungestielte blooms from June to Septembers, which only in the morning in warm sunshine. The sheets are oblong-wedge-shaped formed and at the point blunted.

Portulak prefers a sunny and wind-protected place. Sommerportulak is sown in May. Already after five weeks one can harvest the fresh herb. In order to be able to harvest further from the same seedlings, one removes first only the heads. Thus the growth of the higher is braked and the growth of the lower buds is stimulated, which could not grow under the protection of the lamellas. After approximately eight days two new shoot high, which behave then like dominant factor They form a group of relatively large shining sheets, which can be harvested again, which leads to a further bypass. In few weeks each Portulakpflanze develops to a broad bush.

The juicy, thick sheets are used for salads and soups. Portulak is used since age-old time in the kitchen. He tastes easily and reminds of the taste of Sauerampfer. It was due to its high Vitamin C content one of the most important cures against Skorbut.In Russia the Portulak for the winter was provided with stock, by pouring over it somewhat in-salted and with vinegar. The seed, which is fat and protein-rich, can be used to husbands as flour additive.

Portulak contains Mucilago, a slimy substance, Vitamine (above all Vitamin C, in addition, B and A), magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron as well as fatty acids.

Use in the Pflanzenheilkunde

As welfare plant Portulak dips 8 already in an old Babylonian writing from that. pre-Christian century delivered, which enumerates the plants of the herb garden of the king Mardukapaliddina.

Portulak affects lindernd with Sodbrennen and mild kind digest-energizing. Tabernaemontanus recommends Portulak in its new Kreuterbuch (1588) against the "Sod in the stomach" and also holds that the "juice in the mouth make the wackelhafftige teeth held again firmly." In former times freshly pressed Portulaksaft and the Aufguss of the seeds were used against intestine parasites.

Portulak contains certain fatty acids, which are to protect preventing against cardiac infarcts.

Furthermore the herb works fever-lowering, diuretisch and antiseptic. Press juice and mash envelopes served the people medicine for the treatment of coughs, Ruhr, stomach intestine inflammations, bleedings and

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