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Polystyrene stones are shaped parts made of polystyrene, which usually consist of 2 connected polystyrene plates. These are plugged together in such a way on the building site that they result in a formwork for concrete. Polystyrene is a trademark for polystyrene of the company BASF and may be only used, if the material of this company comes.

The polystyrene remains as lost formwork on the finished wall. Thus polystyrene stones permit constructionally thin walls with highest isolation value polystyrene stones already became into the 1950er to years of the last century (name at that time: They went however only end of the 1960er to Iglu system) developed, on the market years into action, particularly into Germany.

Beginning of the 90's gift it a certain upswing for this building method particularly in the areas of the former GDR. Here the material was not as loaded with prejudices as in the old countries of the Federal Republic of Germany.

1994 created different manufacturers a federation of the manufacturers of polystyrene stones, whom they called ICFA (the British prefer the name PIF) in North America. The market share of the polystyrene stone industry grew until 2003 on 6,5%, particularly by substantial support of the PCA (haven country Cement Association)

The market share in Europe might not have exceeded the 0.1% for lack of support by the cement industry in the year 2003 yet.

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