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With the production of polymere nitrogen the two German chemists Mikail Eremets and pure hard Boehler of the institute for Max-Planck for chemistry in Mainz succeeded in discovering an explosive which even that runs off judged Octanitrocuban rank up to then as the strongest conventional explosive. The structure of this new synthesis product is amazingly simple: On laboratory conditions a molecule was produced by polymere nitrogen. Nitrogen, that under "normal" conditions only at the most to twin molecules N2 is connected and thus a very stable and low-power condition aimed at behaves in principle oppositely to as metastably classified polymere nitrogen: Here each nitrogen atom is connected with three further, which has as a consequence that a diamond-similar, spatial structural grid results. Differently than the jewel however nx one is unbelievably energy-loaded - until a small brings it to the detonation.

Synthesizing took place in equipment under 1.100.000 atmospheres pressure, over 110 GPa (GigaPascal) with 1700 degrees Celsius heat. The weight of the product synthesized so far thereby amounted to however only few billionths gram. However it remains still open whether it will concern with nx one a serious pollution free fuel, since it acts with the reaction theoretically only around a physical structure transformation from nx one to N2 and develops thus without chemical reaction no pollutants. Also the questions to stability and shelf-life are left to the science still for answer.

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