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Sometimes plowshare the plow bottom in its whole, however only the cut of the plow is actually called.

The plow bottom in its whole consists of:

  • '' Plowshare: 'Still divides the soil horizontal cutting measurer, sometimes into before-cutting "chisel "and the re-cutting actual crowd.
  • Moldboard: , (which can be divided again into Riester and moldboard). The moldboard has a screw-shaped or cylindrical form and turns the soil cut by the crowd to the side.
  • Plant: The plant is a flat steel bar strip, which supports the lateral pressure produced by the moldboard and crowd to the country. The plant "leads "the plow bottom in the furrow.
  • or At the above the plow standard is, in front the moldboard and the crowd and laterally the plant fastened. The holds the plow bottom together.
  • Standard: The standard is the connection of the plow bottom to the Pflugrahmen.

One speaks of "mehrscharigen however actually means plows with several bodies.

If the plow has a screw-shaped moldboard, one speaks of screw bodies, otherwise of zylindrigen bodies. The screw-shaped body turns about 110 to 115 degrees, the up to over 135 degrees. The transitions are today flowing. The ever cylindrical body is, so much the better turns and the plow, screw body can however faster be driven and is easy-brisker. Grassland is turned very cleanly by screw bodies.

A special form is the so-called strip bodies. Here the moldboard consists not of only one, but of several strips. A better can be obtained by different angles of incidence in longitudinal direction of the strips.

An old but faith was based on it that some humans believed, a plowshare can bad charms repel. Thus in spring field or was driven off Gemarkungsgrenzen with the plow, in order to hold bad spirit at them.

Coat of arms with plowshare

  • Erding
  • Schlaitdorf

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